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Welcome to our Delphi Tutorials

Many companies in today's world are moving their applications to new technologies such as .NET. With such a huge variety of online support and resources this is a wise decision. However, what about the smaller companies who have built their business around now legacy applications written in languages such as Delphi?

Well you'll be pleased to know we hear this kind of scenario all the time. For smaller companies it is hard to move to newer technologies due to the lack of a business case to support the investment required. You need not worry as our articles are designed to help you shift your legacy Delphi applications towards today's high standards whilst keeping the same language or platform.

Our articles cover our preferred components and how you can use them to update the look and feel of your applications. Increase the speed and robustness of your data management. Being from a broadcasting background we will also concentrate on media playback, advanced time and date conversion routines, as well as scheduling best practices.

There will be articles detailing Developer Express components, the TMS Pack, registry walkthrough and best practices, time and date advanced conversion routines and many more

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