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Windows 7 Build 7007 Screenshots

Windows 7 Build 7007 Screenshots
Windows build 7077 is the significant development milestone in the production of the new Microsoft Windows operating system. Offered in both x86 and x64 versions for 32 bit and 64 bit systems respectively. Windows 7 is the next generation

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Windows build 7077 is the significant development milestone in the production of the new Microsoft Windows operating system. Offered in both x86 and x64 versions for 32 bit and 64 bit systems respectively. Windows 7 is the next generation of the Windows experience.

Formally known as Blackcomb and Vienna, Windows 7 is progressing at an awesome rate. With the release of Windows 7 Beta we all got a glimpse of the next generation of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. With a great eyeful of the new features including touch screen, IE8 and a new version of Windows Live. Windows 7 makes most techies drool at the mouth.

Getting ever closer to the official release candidate, Windows 7 build 7077 is the next step in the evolutionary development of the product. With Build 7077, Microsoft have reached the Escrow stage of development. Essentially this means that the code has been frozen with no more changes expected before release. This gives the testers time to report bugs that should have been fixed from the Beta phase. It is also a chance to dig into the regression testing and check that no new bugs have been introduced else where. This is the natural step from the Beta Build 7000 which previously had several underlying bugs requiring attention. That sounds quite boring, but its actually quite exciting since the product is reaching the final stages of development and will soon expel the Release Candidate of Windows 7.

As you might expect, with 7077 rearing its head, the proceeding full RC Build is now only months away. The changes between build 7068 and 7077 are small and probably not noticeable by techies who have previously played around with the new offering. However, users of the original Windows 7 Beta will discover that the Humming Bird installation wizard kicks things off in the usual Windows 7 style. Once under the hood of Windows 7, you will notice several features that stand out from previous versions. Internet Explorer 8 comes as standard now, but there is no way of telling if the browser is in its release candidate or further changes are expected. The Beta version of Windows 7 offered the Beta version of Internet Explorer 8. It does look however, like the Build 7077 comes with a closer to RTM version of IE8 with a more stable advanced variant in the balance.

Other fundamental features, such as touch, speech and handwriting recognition are all included as standard in Windows 7. Multiple graphics cards are now supported from various vendors of your choosing. The new version of Windows Media Center including the XPS Essentials Pack and trustworthy Windows PowerShell are also present. The faithful windows calculator has undergone a face lift, now coming with multiple line support and statistics functions!

The Control Panel, which has always been the control center for most Windows operations has also had a regeneration. Features such as ClearTyle Text Tuner, Display Color Calibration Wizard, Gadgets, Recovery and Workpsaces Center all make an appearance..

Ok, we wont spoil the new features of Windows 7 anymore, so check them our for yourself!


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Released: 04/2009
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OS Support: Windows 7
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