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Optical Illusion Video

Optical Illusion Video
Videos of the best optical illusions including street art, classical illusions and paintings. Includes tricks of the mind, impossible 3d shapes and magic tricks.

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The optical illusions are so called because the visually perceived image differs for the actual objective reality. Using tricks of the mind such as excessive stimulation (brightness, tilt, colour or movement) the brain believes it is seeing something different.

Cognitive illusions fall into 4 categories:

Ambiguous illusions
Distorting illusions
Paradox illusions
Fictional illusions

Some classic optical illusions include:

Afterimage illusion
Afterimage on empty shape (also known as color dove illusion)
Ames room illusion
Ames trapezoid window illusion
Autokinesis visual illusion
Barberpole illusion
Benhams top
Bezold Effect
Blivet (also known as the Impossible trident illusion)
Cafe wall illusion
Chubb illusion
Cornsweet illusion
Delboeuf illusion
Ebbinghaus illusion
Ehrenstein illusion
Flash lag illusion
Fraser spiral illusion
Grid illusion
Hering illusion
Hollow-Face illusion
Hybrid image
Isometric illusion
Jastrow illusion
Kanizsa triangle
Leaning tower illusion
Lilac chaser
Mach bands
Magnetic Hill
McCollough effect
Missing square puzzle
Moon illusion
Motion illusion
Müller-Lyer illusion
Necker cube illusion
Orbison illusion
Penrose triangle also known as Impossible triangle illusion
Peripheral drift illusion
Phi phenomenon
Poggendorff illusion
Ponzo illusion
Pulfrich effect or Pulfrich pendulum illusion
Rubin vase
Same color
Sander illusion
Size-weight illusion
The Spinning Dancer
Three hares
Vertical–horizontal illusion
Wagon-wheel effect
Whites illusion
Wundt illusion
Zöllner illusion

To download the optical illusion video (or any other YouTube optical illusion video) you will need a 3rd party piece of software. We recommend YouTube Downloader which can download and convert YouTube videos to MP4 and other popular video formats. Download here:



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