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Windows Live Essentials

Windows Live Essentials
The new Windows Live Essentials for Vista and Windows 7 features a new Messenger, improved hotmail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Writer Sync and Family Safety. Use the new Live Essentials to connect your Windows 7 PC to the cloud.

Large screenshot for Windows Live Essentials

The new Windows Live Essentials for Vista and Windows 7 features a new Messenger, improved hotmail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Writer Sync and Family Safety. Use the new Live Essentials to connect your Windows 7 PC to the cloud.

Microsoft Windows Live Essentials helps you stay in touch with friends and family, organise, edit, publish and share your photos and movies more easily. Using the new Windows Live Photo Galley, Movie Make, Mail and Messenger you can now publish your photos and movies to a range of sites including:

SkyDrive (Microsofts cloud storage area)
Yahoo Mail

* Windows Live Sync helps you keep your files synchronised across the web by checking for any changes you’ve made.

* You can also directly access and control your PC over the internet with a new remote desktop feature.


--Windows Live Photo Gallery—
Share your photos using popular services such as Flickr and Facebook. Its now even easier to find photos, fix and apply effects, and ultimately share with your friends. Search for photos by date taken, rating, tag and geo tag. Let Live Photo Gallery organize and keep track of your photos.

One of the best new features of Photo Gallery is facial recognition and tagging. It will automatically tag photos depending who was in the photo. Amazing!

Other features:

Top people
Batch face detection confirm
Photo captioning
Basic editing (crop, rotate, straighten)
Batch editing (editing multiple photos at one time)
Advanced – Photo Fuse
Advanced – Panoramic Stitch
Advanced – Red Eye
Advanced – Effects
Fine tuning – exposure, noise reduction

-- Windows Live Mail (the new Hotmail) --
Photo Gallery, Windows Live Mail and Live SkyDrive are now all connected! This means you can embed photos directly into your emails using new photo album templates and your photos from SkyDrive. You no longer need to worry about size restrictions or your friends bandwidth. This feature saves both your bandwidth and the person you are sending them to, great!

A new inbox management feature lets you flag email and view emails via conversation threads.

Share calendars with other people using the Shared Calendars feature of Windows Live Mail

Other features:

Anytime access (offline)
Photo mail
Unified inbox (account aggregation)
POP, IMAP support
Slim Cal
Calendar sharing
Conversation threading
Messenger integration

--Windows Love Movie Maker--
Create movies from the photos in your Live Photo Gallery. Use beautiful transition effects, music and titles to amaze your viewers. Also features a full screen video show.

Other features:

AutoMovie of photos, videos and music
Precision trimming
Drag and drop timeline
Transitions and titles
AutoMovie themes
High def
Standard def

--Family Safety—
Some great new features for parents and schools. Includes:

Monitor Windows Live ID child accounts
Monitor Windows Parental Controls accounts
Family Safety filter
Automatic website filtering
Parental controls

--Windows Sync—
Sync your folders, documents and music across different PCs using the new Live Sync tool.

--Remote Desktop—
Just leave your PC switched on and you can access it anytime from devices.live.com


Price: $0
Size: 2MB
Released: 06/2010
Type: freewareCategory: Various

OS Support: Windows Vista and Windows 7
Keywords: microsoft

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