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Medal of Honour 2010 Walkthrough

Medal of Honour 2010 Walkthrough
This walkthrough is for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 editions of the Medal of Honour 2010 game. Walkthrough guides you through each of single player missions, multiplayer maps, tactics and tips for online games.

Large screenshot for Medal of Honour 2010 Walkthrough

Medal of Honour 2010 takes place in Afghanistan and revives the Medal of Honour series with some new additions. The first person shooter features mdern military combat from the perspective of infantry soldiers. The game is intensely realistic and was shaped around real life US military campaigns.

The Limited Edition of Medal of Honour 2010 also includes an invite to Battlefield 3 beta and a download for Medal of Honour Frontline. The Limited Edition also gives you access to weapons and upgrades which are usually only obtainable through upgrades.

This Medal of Honour walkthrough contains:

* Single player campaign walkthrough
* Tips and tricks for online multiplayer
* Multiplayer map tips and walkthroughs
* Best weapons overviews
* Unlockable weapons including MP7 Submachine gun and M60 Light Machine Gun
* Unlockable maps
* How to unlock all medals and unlock secret medals
* Easter eggs
* How to perform one hit kills
* Cheats including invisible enemy cheat, invincibility, infinite ammo and perfectionist cheat


Price: $0
Size: 1MB
Released: 10/2010
Type: freewareCategory: Games

OS Support: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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