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NVIDIA 2011 Drivers - 265 GeForce

NVIDIA 2011 Drivers - 265 GeForce
A new NVIDIA 2011 driver has been released for GeForce graphic card owners. The new beta driver improves the performance of many PC games such as Battelfield Bad Company 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Dirt 2, Battleforge, Final Fantasy XI..

Large screenshot for NVIDIA 2011 Drivers - 265 GeForce

The driver supports the new GeForce GTX 580 and GeForce GTX 570 GPUs.


GeForce GTX 580:
Up to 7% in Battlefield Bad Company 2 (1920x1200 4xAA/16xAF)
Up to 12% in Battleforge (SLI 1920x1200 4xAA/16xAF Very High)
Up to 11% in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (SLI 1920x1200 4xAA/16xAF)
Up to 7% in Dirt 2 (SLI 1920x1200 4xAA/16xAF)
Up to 7% in Far Cry 2 (1920x1200 4xAA/16xAF)
Up to 5% in Just Cause 2 (1920x1200 4xAA/16xAF Dark Tower)
Up to 5% in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat (SLI – 1920x1200 4xAA/16xAF)
Up to 9% in Stone Giant (SLI 1920x1200, DOF on)
Up to 8% in Unigine Heaven v2.1 (SLI 1920x1200 4xAA/16xAF)
Improves performance in Final Fantasy XI on GeForce 400 Series and 500 Series GPUs.

Adds SLI profiles for the following PC games:
Alien vs. Triangles Demo
Endless City Demo
Lionheart: Kings Crusade
Moscow Racer: Legends of USSR
Rift: Planes of Telara
Shaun White Skateboarding
Enhances SLI profiles for the following PC games:
Age of Conan
Arcania: Gothic 4
Civilization V - DX11
Lost Planet 2
World Of Warcraft

Other features included with NVIDIA 265 driver:

Installs HD Audio driver version
Installs PhysX System Software to version 9.10.0514
Supports the new GPU-accelerated features in Adobe CS5.
Supports GPU-acceleration for smoother online HD videos with Adobe Flash 10.1. Learn more here.
Supports the new version of MotionDSP's video enhancement software, vReveal, which adds support for HD output. NVIDIA customers can download a free version of vReveal that supports up to SD output here.
Supports OpenCL 1.0 (Open Computing Language) for all GeForce 8-series and later GPUs.
Supports OpenGL 3.3 for GeForce 8-series and later GPUs.
Supports OpenGL 4.1 on GeForce 400 series and later GPUs.
Supports single GPU and NVIDIA SLI technology* on DirectX 9 and OpenGL.
Supports GPU overclocking and temperature monitoring by installing NVIDIA System Tools software.

The following products are supported by this driver:

GeForce 500 series:
GTX 570, GTX 580

GeForce 400 series:
GTX 460 SE, GTX 470, GTX 460, GTX 465, GT 430, GTS 450, GTX 480

GeForce 300 series:
310, GT 340, 315, GT 330, GT 320

GeForce 200 series:
GTS 250, GTX 260, GTX 275, GTX 280, GT 230, 205, GTS 240, GT 220, 210, GTX 285, GT 240, GTX 295, G210

GeForce 100 series:
GT 140, GT 120, GT 130, G 100

GeForce 9 series:
9400, 9600 GSO, 9300, 9800 GTX/GTX+, 9800 GX2, 9400 GT, 9300 GS, 9600 GS, 9500 GT, 9500 GS, 9100, 9300 GE, 9200, 9800 GT, 9600 GT

GeForce 8 series:
8600 GT, 8800 GTX, 8600 GS, 8400 SE, 8600 GTS, 8200, 8800 GTS, 8800 Ultra, 8800 GS, 8400 GS, 8800 GT, 8300, 8400, 8200 / nForce 730a, 8100 / nForce 720a, 8300 GS, 8800 GTS 512, 8500 GT

GeForce 7 series:
7500 LE, 7800 GTX, 7800 SLI, 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a, 7050 PV / NVIDIA nForce 630a, 7350 LE, 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 630i, 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630i, 7300 SE / 7200 GS, 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 620i, 7600 GT, 7650 GS, 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 610i, 7100 GS, 7900 GS, 7600 LE, 7150 / NVIDIA nForce 630i, 7300 LE, 7950 GT, 7300 GT, 7900 GTX, 7600 GS, 7900 GT/GTO, 7950 GX2, 7800 GS, 7300 GS, 7550 LE

GeForce 6 series:
6800 XE, 6200 A-LE, 6800 GS, 6100, 6610 XL, 6700 XL, 6100 nForce 405, 6200 TurboCache, 6800 XT, 6100 nForce 420, 6800 LE, 6800 Ultra, 6200 LE, 6150 LE, 6150SE nForce 430, 6600 VE, 6600 GT, 6800 GT, 6600 LE, 6800 GS/XT, 6100 nForce 400, 6250, 6200, 6800, 6200SE TurboCache, 6500, 6150LE / Quadro NVS 210S, 6150, 6600

ION series:


Price: $0
Size: 82MB
Released: 01/2011
Type: freewareCategory: Various

OS Support: GeForce graphics cards on Windows

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