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Minecraft Mutant Snow Golems Mod

Minecraft Mutant Snow Golems Mod
Another excellent addition to the Mutant Creatures mod for Minecraft. Mutant snow golems is exactly what you might expect - huge mutated snow golems!

Large screenshot for Minecraft Mutant Snow Golems Mod

Another excellent addition to the Mutant Creatures mod for Minecraft. Mutant snow golems is exactly what you might expect - huge mutated snow golems!

How to create a mutant snow golem

Just like the other mutant creatures, just create the special chemical X element and throw it at an ordinary snow golem. In a few seconds you'll have your mutant snow golem which is twice the size of a regular snow golem.


He will turn any water patches to ice and leave a trail of snow behind him. He doesn't like mobs and will throw ice blocks that inflict 6 hearts of damage.

To heal the snow golem just throw snow balls at him. He'll heal one heart per snow ball. If the golem dies he'll leave behind 32 - 48 snow balls.

You can easily turn the golem into your companion and he'll follow you around. To do this, just right click on him and your name will appear above his head.


Price: $0
Size: 4MB
Released: 12/2012
Type: freewareCategory: Games

OS Support: Latest versions of Minecraft
Keywords: minecraft, minecraft mod


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