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Screenshot image for Natural Disasters Mod for Minecraft

Natural Disasters Mod for Minecraft
Unleash natural disasters to your Minecraft world including volcanoes, meteorites, earthquake and sinkholes. Simple use the disaster spawner to instantly create natural disasters and wreak havoc on a grand scale!!

Screenshot image for Little Maid - Minecraft Mod

Little Maid - Minecraft Mod
Create Anime style maids that will perform tasks for you. Maids can be equipped with a variety of items turning them into cooks, archers, sword fighters and even healers.

Screenshot image for Minecraft Mutant Snow Golems Mod

Minecraft Mutant Snow Golems Mod
Another excellent addition to the Mutant Creatures mod for Minecraft. Mutant snow golems is exactly what you might expect - huge mutated snow golems!

Screenshot image for Minecraft MyBiome Mod - Disable Biomes

Minecraft MyBiome Mod - Disable Biomes
MyBiome is an excellent little mod that lets you disable biomes and exclude them from generated worlds. You can also create new custom biomes and define surface layer types.


Screenshot image for Minecraft Ghostcraft Mod

Minecraft Ghostcraft Mod
Ghostcraft is the latest server-side mod that was inspired by The Hidden Source. Essentially it's a ghost adventure where players survive against a mysterious ghost for as long as possible.

Screenshot image for Minecraft Disney Lion King Mod

Minecraft Disney Lion King Mod
This epic Minecraft mod comes with a new biome, new animals and lots of great features from the Disney Lion King film. There are new textures and mobs but also some exciting quests to complete.

Screenshot image for Minecraft Sniper Mod

Minecraft Sniper Mod
The sniper mod adds realistic guns and weapons to the Minecraft game including the long range sniper, pistols and grenades. Use the zoom feature to target mobs and kill them for far away.

Screenshot image for Minecraft Pet Penguin Mod

Minecraft Pet Penguin Mod
A funny little mod that adds a pet penguin to Minecraft. The penguin will follow you around and shoot snowballs at nearby enemies.

Screenshot image for Minecraft Clay Golem Mod

Minecraft Clay Golem Mod
This Minecraft mod adds a friendly clay golem mob that will help you fight enemies. These new golems are as fast as wolves and have twice as much health as the human player. Your perfect ally!

Screenshot image for Minecraft Team Fortress 2 (TF2)

Minecraft Team Fortress 2 (TF2)
The Minecraft version of Team Fortress 2, no plugins or mods required. Choose your class, team up and enjoy epic battles in this custom Minecraft world.


Screenshot image for Mutant Creeper - Minecraft Mod

Mutant Creeper - Minecraft Mod
This mod adds a new mutant creeper mob to the game. This creeper has mutated because of a science experiment using Chemical X and it looks like something from a science fiction film.

Screenshot image for Mob Hunting Traps - Minecraft Mod

Mob Hunting Traps - Minecraft Mod
This mod adds several traps to Minecraft. Each trap is a new craftable item that can be used to trap mobs. Create cage traps, fire traps, pits and event deadly spikes. Forget crafting those over complex mob traps and use this great little mod!

Screenshot image for MineUp and GravityCraft Mod

MineUp and GravityCraft Mod
Alter the gravity of your Minecraft world using GravityCraft and watch mobs float away into Space. Use MinecUp to control the world generation and invert your world using MineUp mod.

Screenshot image for Minecraft BETTERLAN Mod - Use Bukkit Plugins in Single Player (SSP)

Minecraft BETTERLAN Mod - Use Bukkit Plugins in Single Player (SSP)
Ever wanted to use Bukkit plugins on your local server (single player)? Just download the BETTERLAN mod and you can use any Bukkit plugin on your local server in a matter of minutes.

Screenshot image for Minecraft Hack Mine Mod - Diablo RPG for Minecraft

Minecraft Hack Mine Mod - Diablo RPG for Minecraft
A delightful mod which transforms Minecraft into an RPG - similar to Diablo 3 or Torchlight. Big emphasis on teamwork and strategy as you learn new spells and take on monsters galore.

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