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Amiga Kickstart Rom and How To's

Amiga kickstart ROM images are essential to run any Amiga emulator software. Whilst most games can be downloaded for free (so long as you own the original Amiga game) the kickstart roms are still copyrighted material. This means that you are left to either:

1. Port your kickstart file from your Amiga hardware (there are numerous articles on the internet for this subject). It's a case of using the Winuae transrom file and copying the kickstart image from your amiga. Try a Google search for more info.

2. Alternatively you can buy a licensed kickstart ROM as part of an emulator package - Amiga Forever

For those of you looking to get your hands on an Amiga kickstart Rom we recommend Amiga Forever 2006. Amiga Forever 2006 is a Windows emulator that includes all the Amiga kickstart ROM's among other useful tools. Amiga Forever is an award winning piece of software that has been around and trusted for sometime. The emulator can be bought in 3 different versions:

The Amiga Forever package boasts that it includes all kickstart Roms which is a pretty good buy at $29.95 for any Amiga enthusiast!

Amiga Forever quote: "The Online Edition of Amiga Forever is our answer to PC users and Amiga enthusiasts who are looking for a quick and easy way to download "Amiga Kickstart ROM" files and run a fully-licensed Amiga emulation. Everything, including the (Win)UAE and (Win)Fellow emulation software, the operating system, and additional Amiga programs, comes preconfigured in a compact archive which is ready to run immediately after the download"

Info: The kickstart Rom is a read-only memory chip that was built into the original Amiga 500. Its basically just system code which instructs the Amiga how to boot, similar to the way a BIOS PC boot works


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You can play the Amiga Roms (adf files) on your Android phone with the help of the Android Amiga Emulator - UAE4Droid

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