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Download 'Cannon Fodder' Amiga ROM Game

Amiga Game - Cannon Fodder
Easily one of the best games for the Amiga. Developed by the legendary Sensible Software team back in 1993, it was a huge success that later spawned Sensible Soccer and Sensible Golf.

Commanding your group of tiny soldiers you used point and click actions to achieve objectives and complete missions. With each soldier having nothing more complex than a simple machine gun, grenades and rocket launchers - the game was highly addictive. Cute graphics, a simple interface and a well-developed sliding difficulty all helped to make Cannon Fodder one of the best games for the Amiga.

Although Cannon Fodder made an appearance on many consoles including the SNES and Mega Drive, it was the Amiga that first brought the tiny soldiers to the gaming scene. Using the now legendary sensible characters (which later featured in Sensible Golf and Sensible Soccer), Cannon Fodder blended action with strategy to create a perfect combination.

"War has never been so much fun!"

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This Amiga ROM (diskimage) is compatible with all Amiga emulators. This includes emulators for PC, Android, iPhone, Linux, MAC and XBox. We recommend using the WinUAE emulator which is the most reliable Amiga emulator available.

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