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As the owner and editor in chief at Accelerated Ideas it's my job to ensure that this site provides professional, high quality content, resources and information to visitors from all around the world. There’s no exception to this rule. I'm fully committed to ensuring that Accelerated Ideas remains completely independent, unbiased and trustworthy.

With a passion for the online world, particularly around gaming, development and education, my goal is a simple one - create compelling content that’s open to everyone!

I've had the pleasure to have worked in the fields of software development, online media and publishing for the past 20 years. This site is the fruit of my labour.

Family always comes first, but when it’s downtime you’ll always catch me slaying Treyarch zombies, perfecting those combos in Mortal Kombat or indulging in whatever the latest games have to offer.

If you would like to contact me directly please use the direct email: james@accelerated-ideas.com

I’m open to suggestions, questions and take the originality of my posts seriously. If you spot copyrighted content, infringements or anything out of the ordinary, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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