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MTA certification

Microsoft's new certification path, the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), helps schools teach and validate students technology knowledge on campus.

By purchasing a MTA campus license, a school, college or university can deliver 1000 exams per year. These can be delivered to students, faculty and staff. The actual MTA exams are administered on campus when it suits your particular needs.

What is the MTA certification?

The MTA exams are a stepping stone, kind of like a foundation exam, prior to MCTS or even MCP. Microsoft describes them as the entry level certification designed to help individuals take their first steps towards a career in IT. The MTA exams cover common IT areas such as software development, database administration and network fundamentals.

Sample MTA exam questions

Software development:

Q1. What is inheritance and why would you use it in software design?
Q2. How do you host a website?
Q3. How would you query a database to return records?


Q1. What is a LAN and how is it configured?
Q2. What is static routing and why would you use it?
Q3. Describe the TCP model?

How do I achieve the MTA certification?

To achieve the MTA certification, candidates only need to pass one exam (in any of the MTA areas). Candidates are advised to only pass one exam and then move onto the appropriate MCTS level certification paths.

Which exams are part of MTA?

Developer exams

Software Development Fundamentals
Exam 98-361

Windows Development Fundamentals
Exam 98-362

Web Development Fundamentals
Exam 98-363

Database Administration Fundamentals
Exam 98-364

IT professional exams

Networking Fundamentals
Exam 98-366

Security Fundamentals
Exam 98-367

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
Exam 98-365

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