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98-373 Exam Overview - MTA

A new MTA exam has been released for mobile development fundamentals. MTA exams are an optional foundation for anyone wanting to take the higher MCTS Microsoft exams.

98-373 Questions and Subjects

The 98-373 exam will test your knowledge in various areas of mobile development including:

  • The Windows Phone series
  • Device sensors
  • Camera capture and stream API's
  • Databases and network data – ADO.NET, Linq, WCF, RIA, Web Services
  • Mobile optimizations
  • Globalization
  • OOP
  • Silverlight
  • C#, VB .NET, XAML, HTML 5
  • API's
  • Panels, Controls, Notifications

How can I take the 98-373 exam?

The exam is available to all students at university, college or school. Your institution must participate in the MTA program. If you are not sure if they do, just ask.

Once you have studied well enough to satisfy all the exam requirements, you can schedule your exam through the Certiport program.

Who is the exam aimed at?

The primary target for this exam is students at high school or colleges. You don't need any hands on training through work experience but you should have hands on experience through your education provider (or your spare time).

You should have an interest in the mobile development industry. Since this is a Microsoft exam, you should ideally have an interest in the Windows Phone series although mobile development is changing so quickly that having fundamentals in this area would do no harm.

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