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Cindy Outfits and Clothes - Can you Change them?

Cindy Outfits and Clothes - Can you Change them?

Posted by James on 03 December 2016

Cindy is one of the more memorable female characters in Final Fantasy 15, making her appearance during Chapter 2. Most players have asked the question: Can you collect and change Cindy's outfits or clothes? In this guide, I'll clear up some of the rumours around this topic.

First, let's take a look at some of the "attire" in the game and understand how to unlock them.

The main group of companions (Noctis and his friends) have a selection, although limited, of different outfits that players can unlock as they progress through the game. This is as expected from the controllable group of players.

Each of the outfits provides a set of attribute bonuses which are percentage based., therefore providing great benefit throughout the game. It's worth pointing out that the percentage bonuses are applied after all additions from weapons and accessories have been calculated. The Casual outfit provides situational tactical advantages, protecting party members from various status ailments.

As a quick recap, the available outfits are listed below:


  • Prince Fatigues - Map HP +20%
  • Prince Fatigues (No Jacket) - Strength / Magic +20%
  • Casual Outfit - Prevents Mollified, Disenchanted, Burnt, Frozen and Shocked statues
  • Casual Outfit (No Jacket) - Critical Rate +20%
  • Kingly Raiment - Vitality/Spirit +30%
  • Kingly Raiment (No Jacket) - HP Recovery Rate +3%, MP Recovery Rate +6%
  • Royal Raiment - MAP HP +25%, Max MP +25%
  • Royal Raiment (No Jacket) - Magic +30%, Infinite Stamina
  • Thermal Suit - Max HP +20%, blocks fire damage and burnt statues


  • Crownsguad Fatigues = Max HP +20%
  • Crownsguad Fatigues (No Jacket) - Strength/Magic +20%
  • Casual Outfit - Prevents Mollified, Disenchanted, Burnt, Frozen and Shocked statues
  • Casual Outfit (No Jacket) - Critical Rate +20%
  • Kingsglaive Garb - Vitality/Spirit +30%
  • Kingsglaive Garb (No Jacket) - HP Recovery Rate +3%
  • Thermal Suit - Max HP +20%, blocks fire damage and burnt statues

So what about Cindy?

Cindy bending over car

Cindy is the head mechanic in FF XV and her default outfit includes: tight fitting denim hotpants/shorts, long sleeve open chested yellow jacket, boots with knee high stockings, red bra and tool belt. During all of the game's cutscenes she continues to wear these same clothes.

Those of you who have played the Witcher 3 will remember many of the characters changing outfits/clothes as the story played out, particularly during the romantic scenes when Geralt seduced many of the game's female characters such as Yennifer and Triss.

Can we change Cindy's outfits?

FF XV Cindy Cosplay

Unfortunately, no matter what other people have speculated, Cindy does not have alternative outfits or skins. There is no elusive bikini or swimsuit outfit for her. Does this mean Cindy will never get new outfits? No.

We do know that Final Fantasy 15 has a season pass that includes many individual DLC content packs that will drop throughout 2017 and some into 2018. We already know about the holiday DLC which includes NG+ but there have also been confirmations that DLC content will include further outfits and attire, but for which characters we don't know.

The dev's have also speculated that we will see further main quests and supplemental side quests for the games most popular characters. Will this include Cindy? I would wager a bet that Cindy would be near the top of the list of DLC content. She already plays a small part in the game's side quests, helping you upgrade the Regalia through the various "The Ever XXX Regalia" quests and eventually giving you the ultimate Regalia much later in the game.

Only time will tell whether Cindy's role in FFXV is increased...fingers crossed it is.

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