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ITIL topics on 'cost'

ITIL - What is a Service
ITIL defines a service as “a means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs and risks

ITIL Exam - How Much Does the ITIL Foundation Cost?
The cost of the ITIL foundation exam varies depending on the examination institute and the country in which you take the exam. Obviously in the US you will be charged the equivalent US dollar value for the exam, where as in the UK, the exam is..

Service Design - Capacity Management
The official definition of Capacity Management by ITIL is “to ensure that cost-justifiable IT capacity in all areas of IT always exists and is matched to the current and future agreed needs of the business, in a timely manner”

Service Design - Design Risks
ISO 31000 defines risk as the effect of uncertainty on objectives, which can be either positive or negative. We use risk management to identify, assess, and prioritize the risks and follow those up with a corresponding and efficient application..

Service Design - Service Catalogue
The Service Catalog, is one of the key deliverables from the Service Design phase. It’s a list of services that an organization provides, often to its employees or customers. For each service within the catalog, we typically include description..

Service Strategy - Demand Management
In business, demand management is used to describe the proactive management of work initiatives (demand) with business constraints (supply)

Service Strategy - Economic Climate
The economic climate has brought about drastic changes to peoples perception on budgets and appropriate spending. Using ITIL Service Strategy and Continual Service Improvement we take a look under the bonnet to determine which of our services..

Service Strategy - Organisational Health
Using business impact criteria, we need to be versatile; we’re talking about strategy and managing business impact. If we think about it from an IT perspective, business impact includes things such as initial rate of return, economic indicators..

Service Transition - Measurements and Monitoring
Measurements focus on the effectiveness of the transition phase and whether it’s meeting its goals. In particular we measure that the resources and costs we put into Transition are providing effectiveness throughout the whole Service Lifecycle.

Service Transition - Release Management
Release Management is a proactive approach to planning and preparing new services for release to ensure optimum cost and minimized risk. Release management protects the live service environment to avoid unwanted impact, whilst delivering services..



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