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Word 2010 Interview Questions

A variety of Word 2010 interview questions covering general aspects such as the ribbon interface, the status bar, backstage view, the Trust Centre, the office clipboard and Live SkyDrive.

They are suitable for a variety of job roles including:

  • Accountants
  • Receptionists
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Sales Managers
  • IT Professionals
  • Office Clerks

We wrote these questions so other IT professionals could practice for their next interview or technical test. They are suitable for both consultants, temp staff or full time permanent roles.

If the organisation is using or supporting SharePoint 2010 then these questions should come in handy..

Interview Questions

1. Word 2010 offers several different types of views. You can change views by clicking on one of the view tools in the bottom-right corner of the Word window or by choosing a view in the Document Views group on the View tab. Which one of the views is best for working on a long document with lots of different sections?

Web Layout
Full Screen

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2. The navigation pane in Word 2010 has several tabs that let you move through the information in your document in different ways. Which of the following tabs is part of the Navigation pane?

All of these
Browse by heading
Browse by page
Browse by search results

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3. The status bar of Word 2010 provides useful information about the current document you are working on. You can customize the status bar to add or remove options to suit your needs. By default, which of these options is NOT present on the status bar?

Page Number
Word Count
Line Number

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4. The Backstage View in Word 2010 presents an easy way to access all the tools you need to manage your documents. It helps prevent clutter on the main Word 2010 Ribbon and provides core file management functions. There are 6 tabs across the top of the Backstage View window, one of these is called Info. Which of these functions does Info contain?

All of these
Set user permissions for documents
Know when a document was last printed
Run accessibility tests

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5. You are working on several Microsoft Word 2010 documents that relate to the company finance control procedures. These include things such as expense claims and cheque cancellation documents. Whilst viewing these files in Windows explorer you noticed that one of the files contains a .dotm file extension. What does this mean?

The file extension is not valid and probably misspelt
It’s a macro enabled document
The document is not an official Word 2010 document
The document is read only and cannot be changed

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6. You have opened the Backstage View section of Word 2010 because you want to protect a document before sharing it with other third party companies. You don’t want to set any passwords and its important that no one else can change the document. Which of the Protect Document options would be best?

Encrypt with password
Add a digital signature
Restrict Editing
Mark as final

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7. You’ve finished creating a new company document that needs to be sent to an external supplier. Before you send the document you want to use the Check For Issues tool in Backstage View. Which option should you use to check that the document does not contain sensitive personal or business information?

Inspect Document
Check Accessibility
Check Compatibility
None of these

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8. You’re worried that the Word 2010 document you just created will not be viewable by the intended recipient. To help avoid this situation, you have saved the document in a previous version format. Which of the following might be a consequence of this?

Charts become single elements
All of these
Embedded objects can no longer be edited
Text effects are removed

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9. The Microsoft Word Trust Center provides additional privacy and security options that help you while working on files from other sources or sharing files you create. The Trust Center can be opened from Backstage View by clicking Options under the File tab. Which of the trust settings should you use to choose which files Word 2010 will open automatically and which you want to block and prompt for action?

Message Bar
Privacy Options
Protected View
File Block

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10. As the office specialist you’re starting to get a bit fancy with your Word 2010 skills and want to show your manager what you can do. If you Press Ctrl and clicked a word in a paragraph, what would be selected?


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11. Using the ribbon toolbar to cut and paste text is rather a slow way to edit Word 2010 documents. To speed up this process, Word 2010 provides hundreds of keyboard shortcuts. Which short cut should you use to cut highlighted text from a document?


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12. The Word 2010 office clipboard is able to hold copies of things such as text, objects and graphics. It can hold up to 24 items in memory from various applications. What would happen if you tried to copy another item after already copying 24?

The number of copied items would reset to zero
The last item on the clipboard would be replaced by the new item
You can’t copy more than 24 items unless you clear the clipboard
The first item on the clipboard would be replaced by the new item

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13. The Word undo function is a life saver. You can use it to undo up to 1000 actions in Word 2010 (in your current session). Do you which of these is NOT a way to undo an action?

The Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar
This is a trick question, you can use all of these
Press Alt + Backspace on the keyboard
Press Ctrl + Z on the keyboard

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14. When you save a document in Windows Live SkyDrive, your document is stored in a central location that you can access from nearly anywhere. Saving documents to Skydrive makes it easy to share documents with others. Which of these is FALSE regarding using Skydrive to share Word 2010 documents?

Users need a copy of Office 2010 to read Skydrive documents
You can share a link to the document rather than send the document as an attachment
You need a Windows Live ID to use Skydrive
You cannot set permissions on documents in Skydrive, anyone can read them

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