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Windows Server 2012 Interview Questions

Windows Server 2012 is the being deployed by an increasing number of organisations as they move away from now unsupported OS’s such as 2003. Although Windows Server 2008 is certainly more mainstream, 2012 will provide better job opportunities for the future and the possibility of a higher paying job role.

Ok, we’ve collated some tricky Server 2012 questions to help you prepare for your interview and impress others with your knowledge. These interview questions cover the key topics including installation, configuration and supporting enterprise environments. Whether you’re attending an interview for a support engineer role or IT manager, you’ll find that these questions are appropriate.

They are suitable for the following job roles:

  • Support Engineer
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • IT Administrator
  • IT Consultant
  • Systems Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • IT Support
  • 2nd Line Support

Interview Questions

1. When you install Windows Server 2012, you can choose between Server Core Installation and Server with a GUI..

Which option would reduce the potential attack surface and servicing requirements?

Server with a GUI
Server Core Installation

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2. You create trusts in Windows Server 2008 with the New Trust Wizard. Which one of the following authentication types is being described below:

An authentication setting that permits unrestricted access by any users in the specified forest to all available shared resources that are located in any of the domains in the local forest.

Domain-wide authentication
Forest-wide authentication
None of these
Selective authentication

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3. Which terminology is being described below:

These trusts are sometimes necessary when users need access to resources that are located in a Windows NT 4.0 domain or in a domain that is in a separate Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) forest that is not joined by a forest trust

Shortcut Trusts
External Trust
Realm Trusts
Forest Trusts

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4. Which terminology is being described below:

This trust is a manually created trust that shortens the trust path to improve the speed at which authentications, which occur between domain trees, are processed

Shortcut Trust
Quick Trust
Easy Trust
Simple Trust

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5. Which terminology is being described below?

A ___ trust allows resources in your domain (the domain that you are logged on to at the time that you run the New Trust Wizard) to be accessed more quickly by users in another domain (which is nested within another domain tree) in your forest

two-way, incoming, shortcut
two-way, incoming, forest
one-way, outgoing, forest
one-way, outgoing, shortcut

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6. Which terminology is being described below?

Time synchronization is critical for the proper operation of many Windows services and line-of-business applications. The ___ uses the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to synchronize computer clocks on the network so that an accurate clock value, or time stamp, can be assigned to network validation requests and resource access requests

Network Services Shell (Netsh)
Windows Time service (W32time)

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7. Select the missing tool name from the sentence below:

You can use the __.exe tool to create installation media for additional domain controllers that you are creating in a domain. By using the Install from Media (IFM) option, you can minimize the replication of directory data over the network. This helps you install additional domain controllers in remote sites more efficiently.


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8. A global catalog server is available to directory clients when Domain Name System (DNS) servers can locate it as a global catalog server. In which order do the following events need to occur before the catalog server is ready?

A) The Net Logon service on the domain controller has updated DNS with global-catalog-specific service (SRV) resource records.

B) The isGlobalCatalogReady rootDSE attribute is set to TRUE.

C) The global catalog receives replication of read-only replicas to the required occupancy level.

C then B, then A
C then A, then B
A then C, then B
B then C, then A

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9. Complete the missing word from the sentence below that is describing one of the new roles in Server 2008:

By using___ , you can augment an organization's security strategy by protecting information through persistent usage policies, which remain with the information, no matter where it is moved


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10. Server manager is a great tool for managing most of your server settings and configuration all in one central place. Which one of the following Server manager Features is used for management of Public Key Infrastructure?

Active Directory Certificate Services
Dynamic Host Configuration Server
Domain Name Service
WINS Server

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11. Server manager is a great tool for managing most of your server settings and configuration all in one central place. Which one of the following Server manager Features is used for Storage management, replication and searching?

Dynamic Host Configuration Server
Terminal Services
Domain Name Service
File Services

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12. Managing Group Policy objects is a tiresome task. Which of the following Windows Server 2012 features could you use to save time when creating GPO’s with similar settings?

PXE boot
Starter GPO

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