Alpha Omega Zombies - Side Easter Eggs & Secrets
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Alpha Omega Zombies - Side Easter Eggs & Secrets

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Not only does Alpha Omega have one of the most accessible Easter Eggs in recent memory but it's also packed with additional side easter eggs including a secret song, multiple jump scares and secret rewards from the Rushmore computer. In this Black Ops 4 zombies guide you'll find a list of side easter eggs that have been discovered.

Let's kick things off with a look at how to unlock the secret song on the map.

Secret Song

Mannequin head on the floor

Every zombies map in the Black Ops series has had its own secret song, sometimes two of them. Alpha Omega is no different and it's the familiar case of finding particular objects and interacting with them to play the hidden song. In the case of this map, players must find three mannequin heads around the map.

Mannequin Locations:

  • Green House Upstairs: To the right of the bed almost underneath it.
  • Solitary: Near the window and mattress on the floor, opposite the M1927 wallbuy.
  • Lounge: On the chair right next to the pool table.

Avogadro Jump Scare

Avogadro jump scare location

A classic jump scare is included in Alpha Omega and all you need to unlock it is a sniper rifle. Pull one of these weapons from the mystery box, it doesn't matter which one so long as it has a scope (zoom).

When ready, go to the Green House Backyard and go up the stairs to the house balcony. Using the sniper scope, look outside the map in the direction shown by the image above. You should see a lone zombie outside the map, aim for him and the jump scare will activate after a second or two.

Mannequin Jump Scare

Mannequin jump scare location

There's a second jump scare which is similar to the Avogadro but certainly more time consuming to unlock. Involving the maps many mannequins, players must find and melee (using Galvaknuckles) 30 mannequin heads from their bodies. The head will disappear each time if done correctly.

Once all 30 are done, a competition sound will play and a female model will spawn beside the pack-a-punch machine. Simply look at this female mannequin to activate the jumps scare.

Note, you must unlock most of the map and also complete the vent repair step first. I won't list all of the mannequin locations because they are spread all over the map. However, there are roughly 1 or 2 mannequins per room and all of them are in plain sight.

Rushmore Secret Codes and Rewards

Rushmore computer

The Rushmore computer is an essential part of the main Easter Egg in Alpha Omega but it's also a great little reward system if you know the many secret codes. The computer can reduce the price of perk machines, spawn power-ups, slow down zombies, reply with witty comments and offer other unique rewards.

Simply enter any of the codes below to earn the rewards:

Word Code Description
Easy 3279 Reduces zombie speed down to slowest (lasts 5 minutes)
Brew 2739 Brew perk now 50% cheaper
Soda 7632 Soda perk now 50% cheaper
Cola 2652 Cola perk now 50% cheaper
Pack 7225 Spawns a Bonfire Sale power-up that reduces the cost of PaP
Time 8463 Freezes zombies (lasts 30 seconds)
Boom 2666 Spawns a live Grenade
Nuke 6853 Spawns a Nuke power-up
Door 3667 One random door reduced to 0 points to open
Love 5683 Professes your love to Rushmore
Quiz 1841 Rushmore starts a quiz (you cannot interact)
Joke 5653 Rushmore tells a Russian joke
Song 7664 Secret song plays
Tedd 8333 Activates T.E.D.D. (bus driver) in the Diner
Duck 3825 Melee killing zombies makes a duck sound
Guns 4867 Every player in the game given a new gun every 10 seconds for 5 minutes
Bank 2265 All players get 1000 free points
Rave 7283 Rave party starts in the Beds area
Vent 8368 Rushmore vents his frustration
Shed 7433 Opens shed door in the Yellow House Backyard for free
Noob 6662 Reduces zombies speed down to slowest speed for 5 minutes
Life 5433 Audio quote plays about only having one life
Puke 7853 Melee killing zombies makes them puke
Fall 3255 Looking at zombies causes them to fall down
Ugly 8459 Rushmore tells you you are beautiful
Hero 4376 Refills your specialist meter immediately
Yawn 9296 Rushmore talks about how you're bored
Warp 9277 Teleports you to a random location
Club 2582 A disco starts in the Beds area and dance music will be playing there
Grav 4728 Zombies killed fall straight up (lasts for 25 minutes)

Insanity Mode

Clock and counter example

If you really want a challenge in Alpha Omega then Insanity Mode is right up your street. During this mode you will be teleported to round 200 and every zombie will be sprinting at you. The map is condensed to the original Nuketown layout and instrumental versions of the Easter Egg song will play in the background.

Activating Insanity Mode is actually straight forward. Follow these steps:

  1. Wait for clock in Cal-de-Sac to point to 1 (left image above).
  2. Wait for Nuketown population counter to display 15 (right image above).
  3. Find the purple orb in the shed at the back of the Yellow House Backyard.
  4. Wait for the orb to start moving and follow it closely.
  5. Follow the orb all the way to the TV upstairs in the APD Interrogation room.
  6. Melee the TV using the Bowie Knife.
  7. Read the code that comes out of the printer in the same room.
  8. Enter this code into the Rushmore computer.
  9. Get every player to interact with Rushmore to teleport into Insanity Mode.

Free Self-Revive

Two mannequins inside shed

This reward is going to help you come back from near death, which is particularly useful if playing alone. It's a free self-revive bonus for completing a simple "love" task, involving mannequins again. Simply follow the steps below to get this free self-revive.

  1. Melee the head off every mannequin around the map (x 30). You should hear a completion audio sound if done correctly.
  2. Look for the male mannequin behind the Nuketown sign in the Cul-de-sac.
  3. Do not stare directly at the mannequin and he should follow you. Lead him down to the Generators.
  4. Find the newly spawned female mannequin in this room.
  5. Once united, the mannequins will move together but avoid looking at them again.
  6. They will eventually make their way to the Green House Backyard.
  7. The self-revive perk is waiting for you once the two mannequins reach the shed.
  8. Look inside the shed and the two mannequins appear to be kissing.

Extra Perk Slot

Extra perk slot

Like most Black Ops zombies maps the number of perks you can equip is limited to four slots. However you can increase this limit to unlock an additional slot by following this process. Once again, it does involve finding those 30 mannequin's around the map. Thankfully, although they're spread across all rooms they are all in plain sight.

Follow these steps:

  1. Shoot the heads off the 30 mannequins. You should hear an audio clue if done correctly.
  2. The next round will spawn loads of mannequins instead of zombies.
  3. Kill all the mannequins that spawn in.
  4. The perk bottle spawns as a reward at the end of the round.

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