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Amiga Superfrog Coming to PSN, PS3 and Vita

Amiga Superfrog Coming to PSN, PS3 and Vita
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The legendary Superfrog game from Team 17 is making a comeback on its 20th anniversary. The cute cartoon platformer will be available on PSN, PS3 and Vita later in 2013. Thanks to Team 17, the new version will be a HD reskin with improved graphics but with all the lovability of the original.

For any of you who didn't own an Amiga, Superfrog was one of Team 17's greatest achievements. At a time when the Amiga was struggling against the likes of Mario and Sonic in the early 90's, Superfrog stormed onto the scene with its cute graphics and memorable soundtrack.

Playing as the green amphibian hero, players had to battle their way through 6 themed worlds and rescue the princess from the evil witch. To help you along the way you'd find Lucozade power-ups, a friendly putty ball and even heavenly wings to make it across those deadly jumps!

As a tribute to Team 17 and the Amiga, you can download Superfrog right now. Visit the Amiga ROM's section and grab yourself one of the most memorable games to play on your iPhone, iPad, Android or PC.

Download Superfrog Amiga ROM


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