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Ellen Sapori - Sexiest Woman of 2013

Ellen Sapori - Sexiest Woman of 2013
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A relatively unknown model, Ellen Sapori is the 20 year old Brazilian girl taking South America by storm. She's smashed her way into our sexiest women of 2013 series just as Miss World is ending and Miss Brazil begins to heats up.

Living in Pedro Leopoldo in Minas Gerais, Ellen Sapori is the brunette temptress who wishes she had her own TV show. Having worked as a brand model for local stores in Minas and at the young age of 20, she certainly gets our vote for having her own Brazilian TV show and possible becoming a global success in the near future.

A quick glance at the photos below and you'll see why Ellen Sapori has the potential - long wavy hair, those dark eyes and the perfectly slender figure! But just like all the women in our sexiest of 2013 series, we don't need to explain just how beautiful Ellen Sapori is - the photos do the talking!

Ellen Sapori - Photos

Ellen Sapori - 2

Ellen Sapori - 3

Ellen Sapori - 1

Ellen Sapori - 4

Ellen Sapori - 5

Ellen Sapori - 6

Ellen Sapori - 7


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