No Mans Sky Beyond - How to Power Your Base
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No Mans Sky Beyond - How to Power Your Base

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With the massive release of No Man's Sky Beyond update there has been a fundamental change to the way base building works, in particular how we actually power our bases now. In this guide I'll help explain how powering your base works now in Beyond.

Veteran No Man's Sky players will have likely built tons of bases, spread throughout the galaxy, and until now they have been quietly working fine. With the launch of Beyond that all changes since components of your base now require "power". Without power, many of your fundamental devices such as teleporters, lights, farm machinery will no longer work.

There are two very important concepts to providing your base with power. First you're going to need to generate power and secondly you must channel that power into your devices through wires. These fiddly wires may seem old school for a futuristic space simulator but for now they're here to stay.

If we take a look at the patch notes for Beyond then we see that power has a big part to play in the game now:

Beyond - patch notes for power:

  • Added new power generation base parts: Biofuel Reactors, Solar Panels, Electromagnetic Generators and Batteries. Each offers a different way to generate power for your base.
  • Added wiring, allowing you to connect base parts that need power to your generators.
  • Removed the manual fueling of many base technologies and replaced it with power grid requirements.
  • Added power requirements to existing parts such as lights.
  • Added a range of logic gates and switches, allowing for creative control of powered parts.

In the defence of Hello Games it does make sense to introduce the concept of power since base building has had a massive overhaul. We also have the concept of logic gates and that kind of stuff doesn't work without power. With the right power setup and logic gates you can create amazing light and sound displays:

Elaborate light display using power in No Man's Sky

How to generate power

Base with solar panels powering a farm

There are a number of components in No Man's Sky that can be used to generate power but for the sake of this guide I'll focus on two of them:

  • Biofuel reactor - requires raw ingredients to turn common natural elements into raw power.
  • Solar Panels - uses the magic of sunlight to turn light energy into power for your base.

As the names imply, these two components are the complete opposite of each other. Whilst one is passive in its energy generation needs (solar panels), the other (Biofuel Reactor) requires a stream of materials to turn into power. The requirements for the biofuel reactor are insane at the moment requiring a lot of condensed carbon to even generate a modest amount of power.

How do you get the Biofuel Reactor and Solar Panels

New base bulding devices and components

Both of these components come from Blueprint research so we must have the Blueprint Analyzer which is an early component that's provided in the early tutorial missions. Once you've got that built it's a case of digging up or finding blueprints at space stations that will eventually give you the crafting recipe for the Biofuel Reactor or Solar Panels.

Storing power (energy) via batteries

Storing power is an important concept in Beyond, especially so if you're using solar panels because these will only function during the daylight hours. If you want to keep your base running at night (lights etc.) then you're going to need a "battery" device.

Batteries can also be researched and once built they must be connected to your energy generating devices (preferably via wires). Any excess power will be accumulated inside the batteries and gradually dispersed when your primary power source is not generating power itself. For example, at night the power needs come from the battery whilst the solar panels are offline.

How do wires work

No Man's Sky wire

As you might expect, wires are the connections between devices that you use to channel electricity. Without wires, there is no way to connect the various components and devices together. It's a fairly simple concept of connecting wires from your power source (e.g. solar panels) then on to your battery and then on to your power consumers (e.g. farming equipment).

Just make sure there are no gaps, allowing the power to flow in a seamlessly connected line.

TIP: You only need ONE wire connected to your base to power everything.

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