How to Get Lightning Hawk Magnum Weapon - Resident Evil 3 Remake

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The Lightning Hawk magnum is one of the most powerful weapons in Resident Evil 3. It fires high calibre bullets which are perfect for defeating the tougher enemies in the game such as the Hunter. Learn how and where to find this awesome weapon by following the guide in this post.

Before we dig in too far, this is an advanced weapon in RE3 and as such, is reserved towards the middle of the game. I'll do my best not to spoil things for you but be prepared to have at least played for 2 hours before finding this weapon.

Being a Magnum, the Lightning Hawk fires .44 bullets with high impact and high damage results. It has a capacity of 8 and additional ammo can be found and also made using the familiar crafting methods in the game. Thankfully it only consumes a single slot of your inventory, similar to the starting pistol.

Lightning Hawk Location

Before the Lightning Hawk becomes available you must have left Raccoon City and have reached the hospital. You will play briefly as Carlos as you attempt to fight off the zombies in a horde style faceoff before the final C4 charge explodes, ending in a great cutscene and a meeting between Jill and Carlos.

The next section of the game starts, you awake as Jill in the hospital and the mission objective changes to "Leave the Hospital". It's time to leave the hospital before the missile strike comes down on Raccoon City in an attempt to wipe out the infestation.

At this point in the game you now have access to several floors and rooms inside the hospital. I'm not certain but I don't think you can acquire the Magnum until you play as Jill in the hospital.

Now follow these steps:

1. Pass underneath the rubble of the blocked corridor

Blocked pathway and rubble

From level 2F of the hospital, not far from the nurses ward and waiting area, work your way through the treatment rooms to the outdoor corridors of the hospital. You'll notice a large pile of benches, beds and cabinets which appear to be blocking your path onwards (see image above). They're not. Simply approach and crawl underneath to reach the other side of the corridor.

Jill will say "I think I can squeeze by"

2. Use the yellow ropes to climb down to 1F

Yellow ropes leading to Courtyard area

On the other side of the rubble is a vending machine with brightly coloured drinks inside. To your immediate left is a yellow rope hanging over a ledge (see image above), offering a route down to the lower level. Climb down this rope to reach level 1F and the outdoor garden area which has a bench, several plants and a couple of medium sized trees.

3. Find the Lightning Hawk weapon case

Lightning Hawk weapon case

Check to your immediate left for an obvious weapon case which has been left on the floor. Open it up to retrieve the Lightning Hawk weapon.

Map Location

If you're having trouble finding where this location is, refer to the map below which shows the layout of the hospital for level 1F. Take note of the large Courtyard area in the middle, this is where the weapon can be found. From my experience, you MUST reach this area from the balcony ropes at level 2F.

Lightning Hawk map location


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