ALL Safe Codes and Locker Combinations - Resident Evil 3 Remake

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Throughout the world of Resident Evil 3 there are many safes and lockers containing powerful items such as weapon attachments and upgrades. This guide contains codes for all of the Safes and Lockers in the game, making it easy for you to find and collect all of the valuable upgrades and items without having to worry about clues.

Safes are not a new addition in Resident Evil and they have always existed, both in the originals and the remakes. Typically a clue is hidden inside the game for a certain safe code. This can be as obvious as a letter or note near the safe, or a sequence of numbers written on a wall or poster:

Safe code clue example

Whether you have the clue or not it doesn't matter, the safe codes are always the same in every play through...this is on purpose to help speed runners.

Conversely, Lockers usually have more common rewards and have simple locks, such as combination locks that you must rotate.

How to Open a Safe

Once you've found a safe it's a simple case of interacting with the safe to start entering the code. These are traditional safes with turn dial codes rather than digital controls. Some players like to describe the safe code with an L or R after each number so you know which way to turn the dial. This isn't important in RE3 and you can unlock safes so long as you enter the numbers in the right sequence.

What is important is landing on the right number each time you turn the dial, one by one, try not to over or under turn the dial because this ruins the sequence. A good tip is to use the D-Pad rather than the analogue stick, counting each press for more accuracy. Once you've "landed" on each of the numbers press the accept button to confirm the code and the safe should open.

Get the code wrong or make a mistake turning the dial and the safe will not open. If you mess up early, back out and interact again to start the sequence from scratch.

So what can you find inside the safes? Weapon attachments including sights and stocks are typical rewards for each of your weapons including the pistol, shotgun etc. As you progress through the latter areas of the game you will find attachments for the powerful Lightning Hawk (Magnum).

All Safe and Locker Codes

Here's a list of all known safe and locker locations and their associated codes. The list will be updated with all codes as they're discovered:

Location When Found Code Reward
Drugstore Early game, Raccoon City 9, 1, 8 Pistol red dot scope
RPD West Office Midgame, Raccoon City 9, 15, 7 ??
RPD, Shower Room Locker Midgame, Raccoon City CAP ??
Upstairs RPD locker Midgame, Raccoon City DCM Grenade

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