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Sony Reveal their PS4 - The Next Generation Console

Sony Reveal their PS4 - The Next Generation Console
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At the Playstation event in New York City, Sony revealed their Playstation 4 (PS4) in front of several hundred journalists and millions of livestream fans worldwide. The PS4 is the first of the next generation consoles and it's exactly what so many had wished for.

The new console, aptly named the PS4, will introduce new hardware specs to a stagnant gaming market. It comes at a perfect time as current games begin to look tired and developers openly voice their frustration.

The new PS4 will bring in unrivalled power and sophistication with the usual Sony style. Expect to see some impressive opening titles that push the console to its limits including Kill Zone Shadowfall, Drive Club.

PS4 Specs/Features

  • CPU: X86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU
  • Memory: 8GB GDDR 5 -Typically reserved for high end graphics cards.
  • Streaming: Integrated with UStream for broadcasting your gameplay
  • Remote Play: PSVita is the ultimate companion for the PS4. Transfer gameplay from the PS4 to the Vita and carry on playing.
  • DualShock Controller 4: Includes touchpad
  • Digital Downloads: Games are playable even while they’re still downloading
  • Companion apps: Keep in touch with games and other players on your mobile devices
  • Playstation Cloud Services
  • PS1, PS2, PS3 Compatible Games: Older games can be played on the PS4.

Now edging ahead of Microsoft in the next-gen console war, Sony has now taken the lead with their impressive console showcase. It's over to your Microsoft…can you top that!


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