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Tag der Toten Zombies - ALL Easter Egg Steps

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A complete guide to the Tag der Toten Easter Egg in Black Ops 4 zombies. This guide includes walkthrough steps, screenshots, maps and puzzle solutions for the final DLC 4 zombies map, helping you unlock the final ending cutscene for yourselves.

Over 10 years in the making, we finally conclude the Aether storyline involving Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai, as we reach the conclusion to Treyarch's now legendary creation. Returning to a reimagined Call of the Dead map, players much fend off the zombie horde as they attempt to complete the Salvation Lies Above trophy and unlock the ending cutscene.

For this last encounter, the Victis crew also make a comeback. Stuhlinger, Misty, Malton and Russman return for the first time since their inclusion in Tranzit and Die Rise of Black Ops 2. The Victis crew are once again helping Richtofen complete his grand scheme, much like they did in both of the BLOPS2 maps.

About this guide

Tag der Toten screenshot 2

As with all my Easter Eggs guides, you'll find a solid list of steps below that can be easily repeated. Screenshots and maps will be included for steps that require them and the guide will be updated as the hunt progresses. After the hunt is over and once players have reached the ending cutscene, the guide will be revised and improved to make it more concise.

As with all Easter Egg hunts, this is a community effort. Players will often find steps and only those that choose to share will help others succeed. This guide will include new steps immediately after discovery and nothing will be held back. We want you to unlock the ending cutscene as much as the next person!

Easter Egg Trophy & Achievement

Tag der Toten screenshot

The actual EE trophy for Tag der Toten is:

Salvation Lies Above
In Tag der Toten, players must Ascend from Darkness

The name and description for this trophy is fairly light on clues but we know that in the final map, players will face a "Great War" with Samantha returning to take revenge on Dr Monty and the Apothicons once and for all.

Wonder Weapons

Ice Thundergun Wonder Weapon

Sustaining the "reimagined" trend that Black Ops 4 has produced most of the season, Treyarch have brought back a familiar weapon as the Wonder Weapon for Tag der Toten. Albeit with a slight twist: the weapon in question is the Thundergun which has been redesigned to shoot an ice blast rather than an air blast thus behaving very similar to the ice staff from Origins. It is called the Tundra gun in the game and players can find it inside the Mystery Box.

Successfully freezing 10 zombies with the Wonder Weapon earns you the 'Everybody Freeze" achievement.

The classic Wunderwaffe weapon also makes a return, you can find one inside the Mystery Box too, or earn one for free through a series of challenges.

Easter Eggs Steps

1. Turn on the Power

Power Switch at Docks

The essential step of just about any Easter Egg, turning on the power will enable traps, perk machines, open new pathways and unlock other necessary features.

In Tag der Toten, there are THREE power switches located in different areas of the map: Docks, Bridge and Human Infusion. For now, turn on the power switch in the spawn location. Later we will turn on power in the subsequent areas once the ziplines have been repaired.

Tip: Successfully turning on TWO Power Switches (and completing the step below) will activate the PaP which the lighthouse points towards.

2. Unlock PaP - Collect 115 blue rock and give to hermit

Blue 115 rock

Work your way up to level 4 of the Lighthouse and the Hermit character will start to talk. He says:

"Hey! I'm up here! I cannot believe it. Living, breathing people! Mira -- I can help you. Just bring me the blue rock from the cave, got it?"

Next, head to the cave at Lighthouse Approach and look for the glowing blue 115 rock. Melee the rock (or throw a grenade) to release a piece and pick it up. Now return to the top of the lighthouse and return it to the Hermit - he will give you dials to "communicate with the other worldly".

3. Build and Use the Dynamite Bundle

Red X on sandbag

The Dynamite Bundle is a craftable item that helps us open inaccessible areas of the map. To build the bundle we must first find several parts.

Throw snowballs (which can be picked up from the floor e.g. at Docks) or use the Tundra gun to kill fire zombies, each one will drop a new part for the Dynamite Bundle. Once you have three pieces, return to the Lighthouse and use the crafting table to craft the item.

Now approach a Red X (inaccessible barrier) and use the dynamite to explode the barrier, revealing a new pathway. There are several of these so you must repeat the steps above to open all of the inaccessible areas.

4. Repair the Ziplines

Zipline crank/wheel

You may have noticed that several ziplines lead away from the top of the lighthouse. We can repair these lines by finding TWO missing parts called cranks (cogs).

Locations are:

  • Crank/Cog #1 - in the Stern either near yellow barrel, sandbags or snow pile. Use this crank on the Sundeck to straighten the zipline.
  • Crank/Cog #2 - in the Forecastle either on red crate, Auger wall buy or near generator. Use this crank on the zipline at Main Deck.

Once the two ziplines have been fully straightened, return to Lighthouse Level 4 and get the Zipline handle from the Hermit pulley. You can now use the ziplines to travel to other areas of the map, and importantly turn on the power at these locations.

5. Complete 2 x Hermit Challenges

Scarecrow armour stand

Find and interact with a Scarecrow armour stand on the map to start a set of challenges from the hermit. One such example is at Lighthouse Station.

The Hermit will say:

"Hey, Amigo, it's me! From the Lighthouse! I setup some challenges to help me decide how much I can trust you -- no offense. Believe me, you will be rewarded for your efforts!"

The challenges vary in difficulty but could be anything from 10 Melee Kills, 15 kills with Snowballs to Soup Quest or Complete SOS messages. There are about 15 challenges in total and each one is chosen from random when you interact with the scarecrow stand.

If you see the "find ingredients for soup" step, the locations of the ingredients are:

  • Pepper - in the kitchen near the booth
  • Meat - in spawn on a cage
  • Cauliflower - near OG quick revive

Once you have all ingredients, place them in the cooking pot at the very end of the ship (near armour stand), then shoot the pot with a snowball to add water.

For the SOS challenge, throw snowballs at the SOS signs to complete them. The snowballs should stick.

These scarecrow challenges do vary so pay attention to the on screen challenge prompt and remember you MUST complete 2 x Challenges to progress the main Easter Egg. That's two entire scarecrows complete, not just two objectives complete.

6. Build the shield (Optional)

An optional, but highly recommended step for the EE. The shield will provide you with extra protection, especially useful for SOLO players.

Shield part locations:

  • Docks - on gas pump, boat or wooden pallet.
  • Frozen Crevasse - blue rock, mystery box or PaP spawn location.
  • Lighthouse - Level 1 (near barrier), Level 2 (near 2 sign) or Level 3 (near railings).

Shield crafting table locations:

  • Lighthouse Station
  • Gangway

7. Repair the Flinger and Reach Golden PaP

Gearbox part for the broken Flinger

The Flinger makes a return in this map since it's last appearance in Die Rise. This previously placeable item lets the player fling themselves to a distant location. In this case, we need to use the fixed position Flinger, found at Navigation (top deck of boat) and launch ourselves to an unreachable location to use the Golden PaP machine.

Once all the ziplines are repaired and at least two of the Power Switches are turned on, we can reach the Golden PaP. Look for the broken Gearbox item which is found at the Navigation area (see image above), pick it up and return it to the Hermit in the Lighthouse. After placing the Gearbox on the pulley, wait for the Hermit to repair it, then place it back down on the Flinger at Navigation.

Now you can use the Flinger to launch yourself on to the inaccessible island called the Iceberg. Loud beats will play and players now have a limited time to interact and use the Golden PaP machine.

It costs 5000 points but it will fully upgrade your weapon (i.e max PaP with alternate ammo type). Remember this location for later as we will return for the final cutscene.

8. Get Samantha Music Box Weapon (Optional)

Punchcard (keycard) location and Samantha Music Box weapon

Another optional item but certainly worthwhile. The Samantha Music Box is like the air strike weapon from Origins, players can throw it down and a deadly blast wipes out nearby enemies.

To get the Music Box you must find 2 x Key Cards (punchcards) in the Facility.

Keycard Locations

  1. Specimen Storage - inside the post rack (see image above).
  2. Decontamination - inside the washing machine.

Place them inside the downstairs computer/terminal in the Security Lobby and you'll get new keycards as a reward. Take these new cards to the giant vault door in Human Infusion and place them either side of the door to unlock it. Claim the Music Box weapon from inside the vault. It consumes the grenade slot in your inventory.

9. Place the Dials and Enter the Number Sequence

Dial example

Listen carefully to the audio quotes at this stage of the game. The Hermit will say:

"Amigos, I will get right to the point. You need the Agarthan Device. I know how to construct it. Help me, and I will let you have the device, once I am done with it".

We must now place FOUR coloured dials (given by the Hermit) around the sides of the Artifact Storage room of the ship (see image above, it's the room behind the red orb). Then enter the right number on EACH dial. The right sequence of numbers corresponds to the bright coloured numbers on the walls around the map. If done correctly, an audio quote from the Apothicon Blood will play asking for your help.

Coloured number locations:

  • Blue - Cargo Hold
  • Orange - Forecastle
  • Purple - Stern
  • Yellow - Sun Deck

Tip: You don't actually need to find the numbers to complete this step. Instead, listen carefully as you rotate each dial for a dell ding sound. This implies that the number is correct, carefully rotate and listen for the bell to complete all the numbers in the sequence.

10. Craft the Heat Pack buildable (Optional)

Heat Pack craftable item

An optional craftable item, the Heat Pack is a great bonus item that reduces the effect water and ice have on the player. Once built, you can simply run through water as if it's not there and you won't feel the effects of freezing conditions.

Use the Flinger three times from the Facility to land on crates on the ground, each broken crate contains a part for the Heat Pack. Stand slightly on the left, middle or right of the Flinger to reach different destinations.


  • Left - Frozen Crevasse
  • Middle - Lagoon
  • Right - Lighthouse Cove

Once you have all parts, craft the Heat Pack at a crafting bench at the Specimen Storage room.

11. Acquire the Vessel - Find Three Offerings

Offering example

For the next step we must complete a task for the Apothicon Blood by finding three offerings. The EE Objective will read "Acquire the Vessel". These offerings vary but they are can be bones, skull, fish etc.

Audio clues & locations:

  • "where earth crumbles" - Facility, geological processing room.
  • "where falls freeze" - bottom of the flooded stairs, lower section of the Cargo hold.
  • "where feet slip" - slide down ice slide and hold interact.
  • "where filth cleanses" - Facility decontamination room.
  • "where fire sinks" - Sunken Valley, next to the fire.
  • "where lightning aims" - Facility, next to the DG2 Wunderwaffe poster.
  • "where lines berth" - spawn, by the zipline leading up to lighthouse.
  • "where lungs close" - swim through underwater cave from docks to boat.
  • "where madness sleeps" - Facility, in the prison cells.
  • "where north is found" - compass in captains section of the ship.
  • "where power ends" - Facility, next to power switch
  • "where preservation freezes" - Main Deck on boat, look for life ring.
  • "where the hidden burns" - in Cargo Hold, in the secret pathway to the left of the fire.
  • “where bounded slept”, - on the crates at the back of the boat, near the soup.
  • “where crows roost” - Forecastle, opposite the cooking pot on barrels.
  • “where helixes peak” - Lighthouse Level 4, on top of jars next to the doorway
  • “where mountains throw” - Facility, walkway near the flinger.
  • “where one mysteries” - lighthouse level 1, at the bottom of the stairs near the mystery box.
  • “where thirst dawns” - on side of the boat near soda, forward at the sun.

Once the three offerings are found, the following Apothicon audio quote plays:

"These offerings please us...we speak now the tongue which is forbidden. Bring us the Seal of Duality...that we may cleave our sworn enemy. We must restore that which was separated."

12. Find Seal of duality

Seal of duality.

The next step is to find the Seal of Duality and again you're going to be given a hint. This is random per game. In all cases, look for a childrens drawing/poster which you're going to need to melee first to expose the safe behind.

Possible audio clues and locations:

  • Find a seal of duality inside an icy hall - slide down the ice slide at the bottom of the lighthouse to enter the Ice Grotto, knife the chalk drawing (sign) on the wall to the right and a safe will reveal itself. Use dynamite to explode the door and the seal is inside.
  • Find a seal of duality in the walls where aether was gathered - go to the Geological Processing room (from the security lobby and beside the yellow urn thing). Melee the poster at the far back of the right hand wall. Use dynamite and the seal will appear.
  • Find a seal of duality in between where humans suffer - go to Specimen Storage and melee an anatomical painting on the wall. Place dynamite and the seal will appear.
  • Find a seal of duality where the cages hang - go to the boathouse near spawn (where you found the soup ingredient). Melee the poster board and use dynamite to reveal the seal.

Return the Seal to the Artifact Storage room where the giant red orb is.

13. Collect the Apothicon Blood

Red orb in Artifact Storage room

Wait for the red orb to start floating, now shoot it with any weapon several times until a yellow orb appears and shoots off somewhere else on the map. Now find this yellow orb, approach carefully, and throw a snowball at it to send it back to the original red orb.

Return to the Artifact Storage room and the yellow orb should be there again. Throw another snowball to turn it blue, then shoot again to send it back into the giant red orb.

REPEAT this process THREE times.

If done correctly, the Apothicon says: "Light and Darkness reunite. The Duality is resolved". Now pick up the Device.

14. Tame that which is Bonded

Apothicon Blood on campfire

Nikolai will say:

"Comrades, remember: Apothicon's are creatures primordial corruption. You must be their purifier! Tame the blood you collect."

Next, take the Apothicon Blood and place it on the campfire in the Sunken Path. Throw a Samantha Music Box grenade on the campfire and it should turn a BLUE colour. Now pick up the Vessel.

If you stand near the campfire, the original characters (Richtofen, Dempsey etc.) can be heard talking to each other about Samantha and the Kronorium.

15. Knowledge Itself is for the Taking

Soapstones inside the machine

Return to the Hermit in the Lighthouse and pick up the Soapstones from the pulley. We must now light one stone on fire and the other must be frozen.

  1. Place one stone on the floor at the Boathouse trap near the perk machine. Turn on the trap to light the stone.
  2. Place the other stone in the ice trap in the Decontamination room. Turn on the trap to freeze the stone.

When ready, place the stones in the machine inside Human Infusion. If done incorrectly, your character will say "Huh? Shapes right but there must be something I'm missing". However, if done correctly you can pick up the fuse.

Now, return to the Lighthouse Station and insert the fuse into the box next to the giant metal door. Nikolai will say:

"I was afraid of this. Power fuse needs charging. Seek power sources, comrades. You are so close!"

Sparking battery on pylon

Using the DG2 (Wunderwaffe) Wonder Weapon (found in mystery box or free reward), return to the Facility and shoot the TWO electric pylons that are sparking (see image above, shoot the dangling battery). One either side of the Facility. Next, kill THREE electric zombies near three transformers. These are Lighthouse Approach near MX wallbuy, Lighthouse Station upper platform near barrel, Boathouse near the trap.

I done correctly, Nikolai will say "Power fuse has full charge".

Return to the door where we placed the fuse, the door is now unlocked and we can collect the Elemental Shard.

Finally. go back to the red orb room (Artifact Storage) and REPEAT the process of shooting the yellow orbs THREE times again, the same process you performed earlier. We also MUST place the device by the campfire and throw a Samantha Music Box to turn it blue again. When all of that is complete, take the device to the Hermit in the Lighthouse.

16. Charge and Escort the Red Orb

Red orb and blood effect

After completing the short lockdown challenge, take the Agarthan Device to each of the FOUR PaP locations (Beach, Lagoon, Sunken Path and Boathouse), place it inside and charge by killing zombies nearby. The lighthouse light will shine on the next PaP location in the sequence so you know where to go each time. Repeat this step for each of the PaP locations and finally pick up the Device once done.

Return the Device to the red orb room (Artifact Storage). Shoot the red orb again to release a yellow orb, which this time stays in the same room. Hit with a snowball and get the blue orb back in the red orb. Repeat THREE times until complete and the following quote plays:

"Light and Darkness reunite. The duality is resolved".

Finally, take the Device to the campfire again and throw a Samantha Music Box to turn it blue. PHEW, we're done for this part!

Next, make sure you load up on ammo, shields and anything else to see you through this part, this is one of the last steps and it's a little tricky SOLO.

When ready, have all players use the Flinger on the Sundeck to launch yourself to the small island where the Golden PaP machine is. Notice that the red orb is in front of the machine. Now kill the many zombies here to collect their souls and eventually the orb will rise up and the sky turns a blood red.

Nikolai will say "I know what is happening! Device is evolving -- affecting all element 1 - 1 - 5 in area."

Now stay inside the circle and protect the device until it reaches it's destination (Human Infusion). At certain points the red orb stops, get kills to charge the orb. Watch out because the floor is now lava, like from Tranzit.

Eventually, the character will say "Oh man oh man oh man. Thank you, Argatha Device". The map now returns to normal, well almost - the ice outside has now turned to lava.

17. Return the Agarthan Device to Hermit

Returning Agarthan Device to Hermit

Now that the orb lantern is fully charged, return it to the Hermit at the top of the Lighthouse and place it on the pulley. Hermit will say:

"It's fully charged. After half a lifetime in this frozen hellhole. I can finally go fulfil my destiny. Don't worry - I'll keep my side of the deal. Go to the ship and wait, okay?"

Return to the top of the ship at Sundeck and watch as a little scene plays with Pablo using a rift in the sky. A yellow orb descends from above, which we can now interact with.

Make your way to the Forecastle and interact with the Agarthan Device on the floor. The ending cutscene now plays.

18. Ending Cutscene

Ending cutscene

Youtube logo Watch the ending cutscene

Congratulations, you have now unlocked the final cutscene for the Tag der Toten map!! The main Easter Egg is now complete and the end of the Aether is here.

This concludes the 10 year zombies storyline, not as we might wish, but I thank you for following my guides over the many many years. Congratulations on your achievement in this map and the many other EE's you may have completed along the way - it's been a true pleasure to have been part of the community effort for so long.

Take care everyone and thanks for joining once again.

The EE hunt is now complete, this guide will be revised and updated with confirmations and any editions for a concise and repeatable guide..

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