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Zetsubou No Shima Trailer Leaked - Spiders, Swimming, Thrasher Confirmed

Zetsubou No Shima Trailer Leaked - Spiders, Swimming, Thrasher Confirmed
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We all knew that the Zetsubou No Shima trailer was coming today but did anyone expect it 6am UK time? Me neither! So here we have official Zetsubou No Shima gameplay and thus official confirmation of many of the features we all suspected would be part of the DLC 2 map.

It's exactly one week until the release of the new zombies map and the hype levels are already incredibly high for this DLC. However, late last night a Twitch ad "accidentally" appeared on a livestream of Black Ops 3. The streamer (and many of the viewers) were able to record and extract the clip whcih has eventually made it's way onto vid.me and youtube.

Who knows if this supposed leak was really a "leak" because that's one big slip up to let a trailer creep out 12 hours early on a platform as big as Twitch. I'd say that it's careful planning and hype management from Treyarch - doing what they do best!!

Ok, so let's take a look at the features spotted in the leaked trailer, along with screenshots for proof...

Update: The full trailer has been published, the section below has been updated with new information.

Watch the Trailer

Trailer Breakdown



Swimming was one of the speculated features in Zetsubou No Shima but it never got the same attention as the Spiders or the Thrasher boss. We now know that swimming is a part of Zetsubou No Shima and it's cave diving style, real underwater stuff not just bobbing on the surface like in the original Shi No Numa.

There is a striking resemblance to the underwater mechanics from the multiplayer aspect of Black Ops 3. Players can choose to float gently or swim faster with powerful strokes. You can also use your weapon underwater which certainly means underwater combat and underwater zombies!!

Spiders and Spider Nest/Lair


Yep we all knew this was coming but did some of you expect the BOSS to be a spider? You know you did come on! Well judging from the leaked trailer, spiders are likely to be the round boss i.e. the equivalent to the dogs from Der Eisendrache.

They're roughly half the size of the playable characters, with spindly legs which presumably means they're going to be fast like dogs. If you remember back to Shi No Numa, we had the monkeys that would quickly sneak up on you - I'm guessing that the spiders will be doing a very similar job here.

There's also a very interesting area with a bright blue glow and cocoons hanging from the tree branches.

Map Layout


The zoomed in image above shows the map layout, taken from one of the sign posts in the trailer. It's zoomed in and a little fuzzy buy you can see that Zetsubou no Shima is a circular map, with tight pathways leading from one section to another.

We have two labs: Lab A and Lab B. A Bunker area in the middle and two green circular areas, top left and top right which are 115 Water locations.

Plant Seeds (Drops)

Plant Seeds

Plant "seeds" appear to drop following regular zombie kills. They're a brightly coloured, looking similar to a puffer fish in a strange kind of way. There's a good chance they're the catalyst to grow the purple plants shown several times during the trailer.

115 Water

115 Water

If you study the wooden signpost in the trailer you can see two areas of the map have 115 water pools - these are clearly labelled with one near Lab A and another near Lab B. These pools seem to be the same location where the spiders and cocoons are shown.

It's unclear if the two pools are connected via an underground sewer thus far.

Ritual Site

Ritual Site

A really interesting shot this one. Four pillars with different colours on each and an altar slap bang in the middle. Put them altogether and you get an area resembling what looks like a ritual site. Expect to find ritual parts around the map that are required for some kind of ceremony, possibly leading to an elemental weapon of sorts.



Forget the wonder weapons and equipment, this HG-40 is a supply drop weapon from multiplayer. It's an SMG at heart and many fans are already raving about having this weapon in Zetsubou No Shima.

Thrasher (Golem, swamp thing!)


The first official glimpse of the Thrasher is clearly evident in the trailer. The big guy consumes a large proportion at the end of the trailer and there's obviously going to be a big focus on him for the map. He's not a giant spider as some presumed but rather a twisted and deformed creature, much like a Golem.

We know from previous leaks that this guy likes to play hide and seek, with an extra berserk mode for chasing you down. The trailer confirms some of this as he smashes through the ground to surprise the player and then systematically swipes the air with his giant like claws.

Notice also the yellow spots on his body, clearly a sign of weakness and a way to kill him.

Plants (Traps)


A small glimpse of the plants was shown in the Ad trailer but it was just enough to stir some relevance. We've seen from SoE that plants can offer nice rewards but these guys look more like poison ivy or fly traps - so there's certainly a hint of a trap about them.

The full trailer confirms that these are indeed Fly Traps which will catch nearby zombies and eat them alive. The plants grow from purple pods which appear to be in set locations much like traditional traps in other maps. However, the seed drop mentioned earlier and the fact that these plants are grown, points to a similar concept to "feeding" the dragons in Der Eisendrache.

Plane Propeller Trap

Plane Propeller Trap

Quite an awesome trap really. The crashed plane which appeared in the background of the promo image is smashed into pieces upon landing but somehow still has power (maybe we need to do that?) and players can tease zombies down a tight corridor section of the map for them to get sliced, head first by the planes propeller. Nice!!

Research lab

Research / Test Subject

Roughly halfway through the trailer and a clear sign of a research lab is there. Bright yellow pods with suspended test subjects inside water. Could this research lab be part of the bigger Easter Egg? We will have to wait and see.

Watch the Trailers

You can watch the trailer(s) over at:

Full Official trailer
Leaked trailer (short ad)


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