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Posted by James on 31 May 2014

Like most first-person games, the controls in The Forest are a mixture of keyboard, mouse or controller. In this post I've listed all of the controls including keys for opening your inventory, crafting, swapping weapons etc..

In the initial Alpha version of the game you cannot change the keyboard layout to bind different keys. Therefore the following list is static until new updates are released for the game.

USB compatible controllers will work too, so you can change the mouse for a controller if you prefer.


Mouse - rotate view
Left mouse - use equipped item

A - strafe left
D - strafe right
W - move forwards
S - move backwards
SPACE - jump
CTRL - crouch
Shift+W - sprint


I - open backpack inventory screen
Right click - combine item
Left click - equip or use item


E - pick up item or place item
B - open survival book to view craftable structures
R - rotate item before placing


L - equip lighter or torch
G - drop item
C - cook food or place item in storage


Hold Left+Right Mouse - block attacks (using axe or limb)
Left Mouse - swing weapon, throw molotov or bomb

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