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Welcome to the free practice test for 70-697 - Configuring Windows Devices. This simulated multiple-choice test was handwritten for the benefit of other IT professionals including engineers, helpdesk and managers. It contains 15 random questions selected from a wide range of Windows 10 topics - all relevant to the 70-697 subject material.

The questions will help to compliment your study material, providing the opportunity to test what you’ve learnt and improve your chance of passing the exam first time. Remember, if you enjoy the questions and answers then please share this page with friends and work colleagues.

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The 70-697 Specialist exam was introduced in 2015 for the Windows 10 MCSE certification path. Unlike exams from the Windows 8 series which tended to focus on a core principle the 70-697 exam covers a wider range of topics.

Candidates should bear this in mind when studying for the exam as it will test your experience across a wider spectrum of subjects including cloud based Intune management, virtualization and apps.

Topics you need to know

The exam is an even split between each of the following high level topics:

  • Windows Store and cloud apps
  • Desktop and device deployment
  • Intune device management
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Data access and protection
  • Remote access
  • Updates and Recovery

You should be comfortable answering questions around the Windows Store and cloud apps, with an understanding of Microsoft Office 365 and the inner workings of Intune for sideloading apps to devices.

Several authentication mechanisms are available in Windows 10; certificates, Microsoft Passport, virtual smartcards, picture password, biometrics etc. You should be comfortable answering questions for each of these authentication types and any corresponding authorisation processes.

Many of the classic Windows configuration questions reappear, such as profiles and roaming with a focus on virtualization (Hyper-V) and mobile options such as Windows To Go and Wi-Fi Direct.

Networking and storage have their own subject areas which focus on classic networking principles such as name resolution and network adapters. On the storage side expect BitLocker to make an appearance in addition to classic questions on NTFS and data recovery.

Buzz Topics

Intune - provides mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities from the cloud.

Hyper-V - software infrastructure and basic management tools that you can use to create and manage a virtualized computing environment.

BitLocker - a full disk encryption feature designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire volumes.

Windows To Go - boot and run from USB mass storage devices such as USB flash drives and external hard disk drives

Azure RemoteApp - brings the functionality of the on-premises Microsoft RemoteApp program, backed by Remote Desktop Services, to Azure. Azure RemoteApp helps you provide secure, remote access to applications from many different user devices.

Sample Questions (PDF)

Download some of the sample questions for this practice test. Note, this is not the full test but only a sample.

70-697 Questions and Answers (PDF, 155K)


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