70-740 Practice Test - Windows Server 2016

Welcome to the free practice test for exam 70-740 on Windows Server 2016.

Helping to guide you through your MCSA certification, these practice questions were hand written based on years of experience and the latest Microsoft examination guidelines.

I have included many questions on the new features of Windows Server 2016 such as Nano Server, Hyper-V changes, Containers and Docker. Of course there are many other topics covered on the exam which has a broad spectrum covering most aspects of Microsoft’s Windows Server platform.

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About the 70-740 Exam

Microsoft promo image - Windows Server 2016 (2) The 70-740 exam was first announced several weeks before the launch of Windows Server 2016, which hit General Availability in Q3. The official exam becomes available in Beta in October 2016 and then to the general public in November/December.

This is the first exam in the MCSA certification path and it’s official title is:

70-740 - Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016

Other exams in the MCSA branch are:

  • 70-741 - Networking with Windows Server 2016
  • 70-742 - Identity with Windows Server 2016

Candidates are expected to pass all three exams to earn the full MCSA but can of course take a single exam and still earn MCP status, if they haven’t done so already.

About the practice test

Microsoft promo image - Windows Server 2016 (1) This practice test consists of 15 questions, with correct answers and comments following each submission. I prefer to provide answers and comments after every question so you can see where you’re going wrong and to learn from your mistakes. There’s no point getting to the end of an exam only to realise that 10 out of 20 questions were wrong but with no idea which ones they were.

The test is free and you can retake it as often as you like: on desktop, tablet or mobile. The questions were handwritten and I do not approve of PDF braindumps - you won’t find any copied material here.

Braindumps - It’s worth asking yourself if you’re ok with braindumps. These barely legal documents essentially equate to cheating your way through life. Where’s the self satisfaction or even the challenge in cheating? You’ll get greater pleasure and reward for actually learning the material and passing the exam legitimately. Stick to official training material and do yourself justice in passing the exam yourself - you know you can!

Topics Covered

  • Compute, Storage and Installation
  • Hyper-V, Nano Server, Setup and Boot Collection
  • Hosting Desktops and Apps in Desktop Remote Desktop Services
  • Hyper-V Checkpoints, PowerShell Direct, Replica
  • Linux Guests
  • Storage Spaces Direct, Storage Replica
  • Health Service, Fault Domains
  • Much more!

Lastly, please remember that it took many months to write these questions so please respect the effort that went into creating a free resource for the good of the community. I love feedback on any of the questions and welcome you back to this site to practice whenever you wish. Remember to also share the practice test with friends so they can also move towards their career and educational goals.

Good luck and enjoy!!

Further reading

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Official Microsoft page for MCSA Windows Server:
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Start the test now - it's free!

  15 multiple choice questions
  Timed and scored test (no limit)
  Helpful explanations per question

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