70-761 Practice Test - SQL Server 2016

Welcome to a collection of newly prepared practice questions for Microsoft's SQL Server 2016 exam. 70-761 is one of the latest MCP exams, originally published in the fall of 2016, it certifies your understanding and ability to query data with transact SQL.

After an extensive Preview period, SQL Server 2016 was release to General Availability on June 1st 2016. It includes a number of technically excellent features such as PolyBase, JSON support, Temporal Tables, Stretch Database and much more.

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About the practice test

This practice test contains hundreds of SQL questions; handwritten for your own educational needs. Expect to find questions on the new features of SQL 2016 such as FOR JSON, TRUNCATE TABLE with PARTITION, FORMATMESSAGE in addition to a wide selection of other T-SQL questions.

Start the practice test by using the button or link below and you’ll be presented with a sequence of 15 multiple choice questions one after another. Simply pick the answer you think best fits the question being asked and the simulator will inform you immediately of the right answer together with helpful comments - helping you understand why that answer is correct.

It took many months to write this practice test so please respect the questions and by all means bookmark this page and return any time you like! You won’t find any braindumps or copied exam material in this test but what you will find are taxing SQL Server questions that’ll help you prepare for the real exam. You’ll learn more, appreciate it more and earn complete satisfaction when you pass the exam for real!

About the 70-761 Exam

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The official exam tests your understanding of the T-SQL language for querying SQL Server databases to fetch and modify data. Candidates are expected to have at least 1-2 years experience querying SQL databases in a technical role such as a Database Developer, Database Analyst or BI Specialist.

Expected release date: October 2016
Number of questions: 54
Duration: 3 hours
Passing Score: 700 / 1000
Question types: multiple choice, sequence, code snippets


70-761 is part of the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development certification which consists of two exams:

  • 70-761 - Querying Data with Transact-SQL
  • 70-762 - Developing SQL Databases

Exams can be taken in any order but you must pass both exams to earn the the complete MCSA. You can also opt to take a single exam and still earn MCP status instead.


Since 70-761 is a transact SQL exam, expect to find questions on the following topics:

  • New Features: JSON support, Temporal Tables
  • Basic Clauses: Select, Insert, Delete, Where, Group By
  • Joins: Inner, Outer, Cross, Union
  • Complex: Pivot, Rollup, Apply
  • Data formatting: FOR XML, FOR JSON
  • Data types: Numerical, Varchar, Max, Binary
  • Table Valued Functions vs Scalar
  • Reserved Keywords: Rowcount, Distinct
  • Transactions: Isolation levels, Rollbacks
  • Cursors: Open, Cursor_status, Fetch
  • Stored procedures (Execute, Execute As)
  • Views, Indexed Views, Triggers
  • Constraints, Foreign Keys Primary Keys

Further reading

Learn about the new features of SQL Server 2016:
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Download a copy of SQL Server 2016 for evaluation:
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Official Microsoft page for MCSA SQL Server:
MCSA: SQL 2016 Certification

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  15 multiple choice questions
  Timed and scored test (no limit)
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