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Welcome to the free practice questions for 70-778 - Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI. The practice test consists of 15 questions on Power BI, testing your knowledge on subjects such as data transformation, cleaning, measures, calculated columns and many other topics.

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The rise of BI

Over the last 10 years, Business Intelligence has increased its share of the IT job market considerably. BI professionals can easily command an above average salary in the IT sector, with recent surveys suggesting that many roles are challenging senior developers for salary expectations!

Microsoft’s Power BI software is the industry standard for analysing and visualising data within corporate enterprises. Integrated into the existing Office 365 and Azure platforms, Power BI provides a seamless ETL process with strong support for visualizations and dashboard creation.

As a direct competitor to existing products such as Tableau and Pentaho Kettle, Power BI has already established itself as a mainstream solution for BI and the very fact the 70-778 is included as a Microsoft certification further proves that Power BI has a place in the industry for some time to come.

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About the practice test

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This test is a multiple choice simulator that presents sequential Power BI questions, giving you the option of several possible answers from which you must select the correct answer. The simulator immediately informs you of correct and incorrect answers, followed by useful explanations where appropriate, helping you understand where you are going wrong.

At the end of every test your exam score is presented as a percentage of the number of questions you correctly answered, together with the time taken to complete the test. Use this information wisely to assess the time it takes to complete questions and the overall score you are achieving. I would recommend aiming for at least 70% to stay inline with the real exam pass threshold.

I’m pleased to confirm that this practice test is completely free for everyone, I only ask that you respect the time taken to create the questions. Feel free to share with any friends or colleagues who may find it helpful. Furthermore, as this is a fairly new exam, I will be expanding the number of questions in the coming months so it’s worth bookmarking and coming back regularly before your actual exam date.

About the 70-778 Exam

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The official exam tests your understanding of three main areas: consuming and transforming data using Power BI desktop; modelling and visualizing data; and configuring dashboards in Power BI Service.

Expected release date: Sept 2017
Number of questions: 40 approx
Duration: 3 hours
Passing Score: 700 / 1000
Question types: multiple choice, sequence

Test subjects covered

The practice questions cover the entire 70-778 exam syllabus. At a high level, these are the topics you will be tested on:

  • Connecting to various data sources including files, databases and cloud services
  • Transform and cleanse data to create clean data sets and remove incompatible data
  • Merge and group data ready for calculations and aggregations
  • Create calculated columns and measures
  • Use a variety of DAX expressions across all categories: informational, mathematical, logical etc
  • Create hierarchies for grouping and navigating data
  • Select appropriate visualizations, format and adjust fields to suit the desired report objectives
  • Create dashboards to tell a data story and portray the objectives
  • Publish dashboards and configure security settings for users
  • Create content packs and apps to share reports and data within your organisation

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Start the test now - it's free!

  15 multiple choice questions
  Timed and scored test (no limit)
  Helpful explanations per question

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