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Android Amiga Emulator - UAE4Droid

UAE4Droid is a free Amiga Emulator for Android phones. It’s a cut down version of the full WinUAE emulator for PC and MAC. At the time of writing, UAE4Droid is on version 0.98.1.

Superfrog on Android
You can use UAE4Droid to play Amiga Rom’s (games) with the adf file extension in much the same way as you would with WinUAE. UAE4Droid is still in its early days and doesn’t have all the features of its big brother. However, with a few tweaks its possible to play Amiga ROM files in exactly the same way.

From our experience using a HTC Desire phone, of the 80% of games that run, the emulation was flawless with crystal clear graphics and good sound emulation. UAE4Droid does have some limitations (on v0.98) such as no drive emulation (no speeding up load times) and using the mouse is rather tricky on the touch screen or track ball. Given time, we’re sure that UAE4Droid will develop into a good an app as WinUAE.

Where can I download UAE4Droid?

We found the best place to download UAE4Droid was directly from the Android Market on your phone. Its easy to search for the app by searching for the word ROM (for some reason if you search for UAE it doesn’t come up!??) It’s a small download and as with most Android apps it only takes seconds to install.

Mortal Kombat on Android
Before you can use UAE4Droid, you’ll need a kickstart file or ROM file. This is the ROM image of the actual Amiga operating system such as Amiga 500, Amiga 500+, Amiga 600 or Amiga 1200. There are loads of ROM files scattered around the web, but please remember you should own an Amiga otherwise its technically illegal. For most games, the classic Amiga 500+ kickstart file is the most compatible. Amiga 1200 is ok but some older games have trouble running. The same is true for the Amiga 500,.some of the newer games do not work.

Once you’ve got the kickstart file, you can download Amiga games (adf files) either from our site or others, and start playing. The UAE4Droid app allows you to set the location of up to 4 floppy disk images preventing you from needing to swap disks. You can configure frame skip, sound, sync and clock speed. Use the touch screen or track ball for mouse support, or switch to joystick with the touch directional pad.

Overall, UAE4Droid is a great app that brings the old days of the Amiga to handheld devices. Top marks go to the developers for this one!! Keep rolling our those new versions..

Visit our tutorial section for a full walkthrough using UAEDroid.


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You can play the Amiga Roms (adf files) on your Android phone with the help of the Android Amiga Emulator - UAE4Droid

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