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Screenshot for Amiga ROM ikplus1.JPG
IK+ (International Karate Plus) was one of the few fighting games on the Amiga that didn't suck. In fact, it was a dam good game. Rather than fight your way through side scrolling levels (like other games at the time e.g. Turtles)
Screenshot for Amiga ROM itcamefromthedesert1.JPG
Ahhh…ask any true Amiga fan which game they remember and you’ll certainly hear It Came from the Desert mentioned. A true adventure game, originally released in the 1989’s

Screenshot for Amiga ROM itcamefromthedesert21.JPG
It Came from the Desert 2 was the sequel to the amazing game from Cinemaware. A rare game which although was available in retail shops in Europe, it was only available through mail order in the US.

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