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Download 'Shadow of the Beast' Amiga ROM Game

Amiga Game - Shadow of the Beast
A platform adventure game which was both ground breaking but also pretty darn hard! First released back in 1989 when the Amiga was coming into its prime, the game exhibited some luscious graphics which were revolutionary. This combined with some smooth gameplay and eerie music made Shadow of the Beast a big hit with many gamers.

In later years, the game would make an appearance on the console market with the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis). Shadow of the Beast 2 and Shadow of the Beast 3 were also later released but both failed to live up the revolutionary original.

Amiga Game - Shadow of the Beast (screenshot 1)Amiga Game - Shadow of the Beast (screenshot 2)
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This Amiga ROM (diskimage) is compatible with all Amiga emulators. This includes emulators for PC, Android, iPhone, Linux, MAC and XBox. We recommend using the WinUAE emulator which is the most reliable Amiga emulator available.

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