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UAE4Droid Tutorial

The tutorial below covers everything you need to start playing Amiga games on your Android phone. We'll explain which files you need to download and which settings to configure. We also cover settings to prevent problems running games and prevent games from crashing.

Through our experience we found that around 80% of Amiga games ran fine on UAE4Droid (with a little tweaking). We also recommend that you play joystick games rather than those that require mouse control. This is mainly due to the difficulty controlling the mouse with touch screen and track ball.

Download files:

1. Download and install UAE4Droid

We recommend downloading UAE4Droid directly from the Android Market on your phone. This minimizes the risk of downloading a clone with any nasty surprises.

2. Download a kickstart ROM.

You should technically own an Amiga if you want to download a kickstart file. We recommend choosing the Amiga 500 or Amiga 500+ kickstart ROM to ensure maximum compatibility. If you find that a certain game doesn't run, then try switching between different ROMs.

3. Download Amiga games (adf files)

Choose the games you want to download from our site and save them to your PC. Or you can directly download games to your phone by using the Android Chrome browser. Save games on your Android phone in an appropriate folder such as downloads\UAE.

4. Download AndroZIP

AndroZIP is a great app for unzipping ZIP files on your Android phone. All of our games are in ZIP format so you just need to save and then extract using AndroZip. Once extracted you will see adf files for the number of disks for that particular game.

Configuring UAE4Droid

5. Start UAE4Droid

Once you start UAE4Droid the home screen will appear showing two buttons – Configure and Start Amiga. Choose Confgure..

6. Set the ROM location

Select the ROM location field and browse to the location of your kickstart ROM file.

7. Set the location of the Amiga disk files (adf)

Set the location of each of the disk images. We recommend assigning disks to all slots to save time swapping them later. Just make sure that disk 1 is in location 1 so that the game will boot correctly.

Note: UAE4Droid (v0.98) doesn't let you remove adf files but you needn't worry because these slots won't be used.

Start UAE4Droid

8. Start the Amiga

Once you reach this stage, you are ready to start the Amiga. Click the back button and choose the Start Amiga button.

You should find that the Amiga game starts up..

9. Show disk loading

Some games take a while to load on the Android. We recommend switching on Show drive loading status. To do this click your phones Menu button and choose the Manage option in UAE4Droid. Scroll down to Show drive loading status and make sure its ticked.

James Pond on Android 10. Switch off Cyclone M68k emulation (* optional)

If you have problems running any Amiga games you might want to switch this off. In our experience, the Cyclone M68K emulation actually stopped some games from running on our HTC Desire, so we prefer to switch it off. Its up to you though.

11. Turn on Sound

By default the Sound option is off on UAE4Droid. Simply tick the option to switch it back on.

12. Show Touch Controls

Depending on the type of game you are playing, you might need to use the joystick. If you are still in the Manage menu click your phones back button to open the main context menu. Choose More and select Show Touch Controls to show the joystick pad.

If the game you are playing uses the mouse, you can either use the track ball or touch screen to move the mouse.

That's it!! The game should have started so enjoy!!


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You can play the Amiga Roms (adf files) on your Android phone with the help of the Android Amiga Emulator - UAE4Droid

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