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Listing Achievements - Tips for a Better CV

People generally find that listing their achievement is one of the hardest parts of their CV to complete. Nobody wants to think about themselves as arrogant or better than anyone else, but when writing your CV you have got to be! Remember that your CV is up against other peoples, you must push yourself above them in the pecking order.

Try to convey your CV using subtle points that detail your achievement and then move on to explain what skills were used and how your particular achievement helped yourself, other people or the business.

Types of achievement

Personal achievements

Considered the more important achievement to have on your CV, and also the hardest to write about. Common personal achievements include marathon running, winning a price for a competition such as article writing, achieving something off your own back such as a certification or training course, helping a family member through a difficult time etc..

Try and think about a major event in your life and expand upon the idea. Always proof read your achievements to make sure they apply to the job and are not just extra padding to your CV.

Achievements in the workplace

Workplace achievements are a great way to relate your skills to the type of job you are applying for. It's important not to lie but also just as important to detail something that relates to the job role. Typical workplace achievements include promotion from your job role, working individually on a piece of work, dealing with a difficult situation etc.

Achievements in education

Stating that you worked hard to achieve your degree or diploma will go a long way to show your employer that you are a hard worker who wants to achieve good results. Don't worry if you haven't achieved 95% in all subjects, it's more important to show that you have achieved a goal which means something to you.

It's always a good idea to discuss your achievements with a family member or friend, they can help to give you some suggestions and even help rack your brain!

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