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Hobbies and Interests - Tips for a Better CV

Hobbies and interests is your number section to tell the employer a little bit more about you as a person. Remember the employer isn't looking to employ a robot, they want someone they can work together with and who can face fresh challenges every day.

This section also gives you a starting point to expand the conversation at an interview, It's also the window into the personal side of the employer. It's important that you step away from an interview knowing more about the company and people as well. A typical example would be a sports team you support, its easy to bring this into the conversation and test how the other person reacts. Everyone loves their own team!

As with all jobs, there's a certain amount of risk in employing a new person. It's hard to tell if a person will fit in well. Hobbies and interest can show the employer that you are an out going person who may have worked as a team during sport of other activity. This goes along way to convincing the employer you can get along with people.


1. Try not to use negative words when listing your sports. For example, do not say I don't like football or I cant stand shopping. It's always best to remain positive.

2. Don't lie about hobbies. If you did get the job you will look end up looking silly.

3. Don't list unethical hobbies that might be considered against the law or inappropriate, such as computer hacking.

Useful hobbies to list:

Swimming, football, gym - the person likes to keep fit
Using computers - has an interest in IT which is always a good thing in the workplace
Running the local yoga club - has team leader responsibilities and can work together with people
Going out with friends - has social skills and are more likely to solve life problems easier such as adapting to a new environment

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