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Writing Personal Details on your CV

Personal details are standard on all CV's. However, it's not essential to list all personal details to provide the employer with the information they need. There are several customs in different countries that require the personal details section to be customized differently:

What NOT to include:

1. Do not include photos in you personal details section unless you feel it is important to the role you are applying for. Jobs such as nannies or teachers would probably require photos to give an impression of the person you are. Be aware that in the USA it is highly unusually to include a photo on a CV because it gives the impression the employer might discriminate based on appearance.
2. Do not include your age on the CV.
3. State of health
4. Nationality (however, you can show that you have a work permit elsewhere)

Things to include:

1. Name
2. Address
3. Contact Information (Phone, Email)
4. Marital Status (If appropriate)
5. Date of Birth (if appropriate for jobs such as bar work where age limits are required by law)
6. Work Status (if you have a work permit or Student Visa, what basis can you work)

Even though the personal details section is mandatory don't brush it aside by thinking it has no part to play except for information only. An employer may read the following things from personal details:

1. Married - the person lives in a stable environment and probably will not spend late nights out drinking or clubbing
2. Not Married - person will be flexible and not tied down to a single location
3. Young - person will be enthusiastic and energetic. Great for hands on jobs

These are just an example but it shows how your personal details can help depending on the role you are applying for. At the end of the day it's just a case of choosing the information based on common sense.

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