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15% off coupon from MS Press
If you have chosen to buy one of the Microsoft Press books for your study material then you’ll be pleased to know that at the back of the book there is a 15% off coupon. This voucher can be used against any MCP exam that you choose to book..

70-243 Exam Overview - System Center 2012
70-243 is part of the Private Cloud certification series. The full exam name is Administering and Deploying System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. The exam is available from April 2012.

70-246 Exam Overview - System Center 2012
Exam 70-246 is part of the new Private Cloud certification series. It's full name is Private Cloud Monitoring and Operations with System Center 2012. The exam is available to take from June 2012 onwards.

70-247 Exam Overview - System Center 2012
70-247 is another of the Private Cloud certification series. The full exam name is Private Cloud Configuration and Deployment with System Center 2012. The exam precedes the 70-247 exam in the cloud certification pathway.

70-460 MCITP SQL Server 2011Exam Overview
70-460 Designing, Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Administrative Solution Using Microsoft SQL Server 11 is part the MCITP SQL Server 2011 certification path. Passing this new exam earns you the MCITP SQL Server 2011 DBA certification.

70-599 Exam Overview - MCPD
70-599 is the new MCPD exam designed to test a candidates skills in developing Windows Phone Apps. It's part of the MCPD group and is also one of the first Microsoft exams that requires recertification.

70-620 or 70-624 for MCITP Enterprise
The final exam for MCITP Enterprise Administrator is an elective choice. This is the only elective MCTS choice that you get for the MCITP certification. Which one you should choose, really depends on your particular experience

77-881 Exam Overview - MOS 2010
The 77-881 exam is part of the new Microsoft Office Specialist certification for Office 2010. Due for release in the summer of 2010, the exam credits a candidates proficiency in Word 2010.

77-882 Exam Overview - MOS 2010
The 77-882 exam is part of the new Microsoft Office Specialist certifications for Office 2010. The exam tests a candidates proficiency in Excel 2010 and is available to take from the summer of 2010.

98-363 Exam Overview - Web Development Fundamentals
The Web Development Fundenmentals exam (98-363) tests a candidate’s knowledge of creating Web applications using Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET framework. 98-363 is an entry level exam.

98-373 Exam Overview - MTA
A new MTA exam has been released for mobile development fundamentals. MTA exams are an optional foundation for anyone wanting to take the higher MCTS Microsoft exams.

About Microsoft's new certifications MCPD, MCTS, MCA
Microsoft’s new certification programs MCTS, MCPD and MCA were designed to highlight a candidate’s skill in a principal technology set. Each exam now focuses more on core technical and professional skills rather than the old fashion..

Advanced SharePoint 2010 training course 50444A
The new Advanced IT Pro Course for SharePoint 2010 is a 5 day instructor led course covering the full features of SharePoint Server 2010. The Microsoft course covers planning, deploying and maintaining server farms with MOSS 2010.

Are Service Packs included in Microsoft exams?
As with all Microsoft technologies, service packs are an essential way to ensure; software is up to date; it contains few bugs; and is secure. Many of you will be asking whether service packs are covered by Microsoft certification exams?

Best books for MCITP Database Administrator 2008
The MCITP DBA SQL 2008 certification is still relatively new and the material online is somewhat limited. So, which books and material should you use to study for these exams? The MCITP SQL 2008 certification path consists of three exams; 70-450..

Best MCP test centres in London
London hosts the majority of the UK’s testing sites for the Microsoft MCP certification program. There are many good sites to take your exam, it all comes down to the location and how easy it is for you to get there..

Build custom MCP Logo
The new online tool from Microsoft called Logo Manager allows MCP members to create their own custom logo. Using your previous achievements you can select the logo template you want such as MCP, MCPD, MCTS..

Can I use MCP logo on my CV or Resume?
Microsoft allows the use of the MCP logo for resumes, CV’s, websites and brochures so long as the applicable certification is used in the sidebar. The recommended placement for the logo is the bottom corner, either left or right of the material.

Exam 70-652 Windows Server Virtualization Configuring - Exam Overview
The 70-652 exam is part of the MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) certification path. Its also a requirement to achieve the higher level MCITP Windows Server 2008 R2 Virtualization Administrator certification.

Free Windows 7 ebooks
Students thinking about taking any of the new Microsoft Windows 7 exams including 70-680, 70-868 etc. should take a look at the Microsoft learning site for a free Winodws 7 ebook offer. By registering, you can get free copies of chapters from..

How can I earn an MCPD?
To earn an MCPD certification you will need to pass 3 or 5 exams in the MCPD series. Depending on the type of MCPD certification you want to go for (windows, web or enterprise) you will need to pass the appropriate exams below.

How long must I wait to retake an exam
Microsoft has a set retake policy which applies to all their certification exams. These retake policies are in place to help protect the integrity of Microsoft exams from illegal copying and distribution.

How many MCP are there?
Microsoft’s records show that there are now over 4 million MCP qualified people worldwide (2009). These numbers include 24,000 Microsoft employees who have gained their MCP qualification.

How much does the MCP exam cost?
The MCP exam costs vary between countries. At the present time the cost of an MCP exam in the UK is £88 and in the US (United States) the cost of an MCP exam is $125. These costs apply to the standard certification range and not the Microsoft..

How to get a hard copy print of your Microsoft certificate?
A few years ago, Microsoft used to send a free hard copy of your certificate in the post. These days, you can either download a high quality PDF version and print yourself OR you can purchase a hard copy directly from Microsoft.

MCAD exams retired
The MCAD exam set has now been retired (May 2009). Candidates are no longer able to achieve the MCAD certification. The upgrade exams for MCTS and MCPD will follow shortly. Candidates are still able to take the individual exams 70-536 and 70-548 etc

Microsoft increases price of MCP Certification Exams to $150
From July 1, 2011 Microsoft will be increasing the price of their MCP certifications and exams by 12%. For U.S candidates the new price is $150. Microsoft defended this price rise as covering the continued investment and enhanced certifications..

Microsoft MTA 98-375 exam - HTML 5 Application Development Fundamentals
A new Microsoft exam for HTML 5 web development is on the way. The exam focuses on core HTML 5 development skills for high school and college students.

Microsoft special offer - get discount and second shot with exam packs
Microsoft has a new special offer for anyone taking a Microsoft exam. By purchasing one of the Exam Packs you can get up to 20% off your exams and free second shot attempts.

MTA certification
Microsoft's new certification path, the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), helps schools teach and validate students technology knowledge on campus.

New MCSD Web Applications Certification - Visual Studio 2012
Microsoft have announced the new developer certification for Visual Studio 2012. Consisting of 3 exams, the certification will test your skills in HTML5, CSS3, ASP .NET 4.5 MVC, Windows Azure and Web Services.

New Microsoft Certification Transcripts and Certificates
Microsoft have updated their Certificates and Transcripts for all MCP professionals. The new transcripts and certificates contain only a few changes, but they're fairly significant ones. This is especially true for the Inactive Date which causes..

New Microsoft Gold Partner requirements
In the past, Microsoft Gold Partners obtained their certification by passing relevant exams and having a certain number of certified professionals across different specialisations.

New Question Types added to Microsoft exams
Microsoft have added several new question types to their certification exams in 2011. These new types have been designed to test your knowledge in new ways and ascertain that you know the exam material in sufficient detail.

Number of questions 70-528
The 70-528 exam is the Web Based Client Development exam for both the MCTS and MCPD certification paths. The exam is specifically targeted towards the .NET framework 2.0. The official title is Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Web-Based Client Development

Recommended books and resources for 70-564
The 70-564 exam, designer and developing ASP.NET application in 3.5 is part of the MCPD certification path. There are various types of resources to help you study. The following list shows the best of the available material to help you pass 70-564..

Salary with MCSA?
Many people often ask what the average salary is for a person qualified as an MCSA. Well, this question does depend on your other experience as well as your certification so it isn’t a hard and fast rule. However, a general rule of thumb is that..

SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 Exams retiring in 2011
Microsoft have announced that mainstream product support ends for Visual Studio 2005 in April 2011 and SQL Server 2005 in July 2011. This means that both of these Microsoft exams will be retiring in June 2011.

Technet promo code - discount off subscription
Use this Technet promotion code and get 28% discount off your Technet subscription. Technet is the best subscription resource for Microsoft software including technical resources, beta software, elearning courses and much more.

What is MCPD?
MCPD stands for Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and is regarded as a high level and highly accredited certification. MCPD allows developers to demonstrate their ability to use Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft .NET Framework..

What is MCTS?
MCTS stands for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and is a new wave of Microsoft certifications aimed at helping candidates certify their skills in a specific technology. Each MCTS certification, whether it be .NET Framework 3.5..

What is my Microsoft Transcript
The Microsoft transcript is your official record of your exam and certification achievements which you can use for your personal tracking and validation. If you want to show others your certification achievements, then you should use the Transcript..

What is the duration of 70-536?
The 70-536 exam is the core exam for both the MCTS and MCPD certification paths. The exam is specifically targeted towards the .NET framework and can be applied to the .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.5. The exam targets the .NET development foundation..

What is the Second Shot offer?
The Microsoft 2nd shot offer is a great offer for anyone taking an MCP exam. The voucher allows you to retake an exam for free if you do not pass the exam the first time of trying.

When will MCSA and MCSE be discontinued?
With the introduction of new certification paths such as MCTS and MCITP, many of you will be wondering whether your current MCSA and MCSE certifications will be discontinued. Microsoft has a very sound policy with regards to certifications expiring..

When will the Windows 8 exams be available?
Microsoft have announced that the first beta exam for Windows 8 is available starting in June 2012. The first Windows 8 exam is 70-687 - Configuring Windows 8. It forms the foundation for the new MCSA and MCSE certifications.

Which areas are covered in 70-564?
Exam 70-564 Designing and Developing ASP.NET Applications Using the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. This exam is part of the MCPD certification path and covers the topics listed below. Make sure you have understood all the areas and are capable..

Which exams are part of the Windows Phone Certification (MCPD)
The mobile market is an increasingly fast-paced industry with many big businesses looking to tap into the millions of mobile users worldwide. The Windows Phone Certification allows developers to certify their skills in developing apps for..

Why take the MCP exam
The MCP exam is a great way to boast your skills in a Microsoft technology and prove to your present or prospective employees your abilities. All MCP exams are targeted towards a specific skill area or technology and are perfect for achieving job..

Windows PowerShell Training for Administrators 50414A
This is a 4 day instructor led training course from Microsoft covering the skills administer PowerShell in a Windows environment.

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