70-247 Practice Test - Systems Center 2012

The 70-247 exam is part of the new Private Cloud certification from Microsoft. The certification tests your skills in using System Center 2012 to build your Microsoft private cloud solution and gain the automation and flexibility you need for your IT infrastructure.

Our practice test follows the core requirements for 70-247 very closely. Our unique test simulator presents 15 random questions from our selection pool of over 50+ System Center 2012 questions. Using a friendly multiple choice system, our practice test will help your learn the skills necessary to pass the exam first time.

Who should take the 70-247 exam?

Exam 70-247 covers the configuration and deployment of System Center 2012. You should be working with System Center 2012 on a daily basis to design, configure and deploy the underlying infrastructure fabric or networking and storage. You should have experience of Windows Server, Active Directory, System Center 2012, security, high availability, fault tolerance, and networking experience in an enterprise environment, basic Microsoft SQL Server and Windows PowerShell knowledge, and application configuration experience. Candidates are also familiar with ITIL and MOF concepts.

High level topics covered by our practice test

  • Design and Deploy System Center
  • Configure System Center Infrastructure
  • Configure the Fabric
  • Configure System Center Integration
  • Configure and Deploy Virtual Machines and Services

How does the test work?

You can start the 70-247 practice test by clicking the start test link. Read each of the questions carefully and decide which answer is appropriate. Then just click the answer from the list and you will be informed if the answer is correct or not. We’ve even included lots of helpful explanations as to why answers are correct.

The simulator will automatically keep track of your correct answers and the time taken. Once you’ve finished, the simulator will present you with your score.

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Brain dumps

This simulator does not contain braindumps or dump questions. Our consultants have created each and every one of these questions using their knowledge of System Center 2012. We strongly recommend that you do not use braindumps as study material.

Sample Questions

70-247 Sample 1   70-247 Sample 2
70-247 Sample 3   70-247 Sample 4
70-247 Sample 5   70-247 Sample 6

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