70-462 Practice Test - SQL Server 2012

The administering SQL Server 2012 exam is the second exam that contributes towards the new SQL Server 2012 MCSA certification. Passing 70-461, 70-462 and 70-463 will earn you the MCSA on SQL Server 2012. The MCSA forms the foundation for the higher level MCSE certifications.

Our free practice test for 70-462 contains professional exam questions written by industry experts. They’ve used SQL Server since its very beginnings and are experts on the latest version. As a result, we offer you a large selection of free questions, all of which follow the official exam material very closely.

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The free test includes questions on a variety of SQL Server topics including: installation, deployment, troubleshooting, optimization, security and maintenance.

Our practice test is presented in our unique multiple choice simulator which contains 15 questions selected randomly from a pool of over 50+ questions. Using our simulator you can practice for the actual exam for free.

Who should take the 70-462 exam?

The exam is open to individuals who use SQL Server in their day to day jobs. You should be able to understand and demonstrate your skills in installation, maintenance and configuration tasks. You should be comfortable setting up database systems and ensuring those systems run smoothly.

High level topics covered by our practice test

  • Install and Configure SQL Server
  • Maintain Instances and Databases
  • Optimize and Troubleshoot SQL Server
  • Manage Data
  • Implement Security
  • Implement High Availability

How does the test work?

Just click the start exam link below and the practice test will start automatically. Read each questions carefully and select the best answer from the list of possible choices. After each answer you will be informed of the correct answer. Ideally you should aim to complete the 15 questions in around 30-45 mins.

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Brain dumps, real questions and cheating

We take the Microsoft certification platform very serious. As a result, we do not endorse cheating via braindumps or braindump type material. You’ll get better rewards from learning the material yourself and becoming a great technical expert. Remember, when you get that dream job, you’ll need to know what to do.

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