70-464 Practice Test - SQL Server 2012

Welcome to the free practice test for 70-464: Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 databases. Our practice test covers all of the official material recommended by Microsoft.

70-464 is part of the MCSE SQL Server certification path and earns you credit towards:

  • MCSE Data Platform

Our free practice test consists of 15 multiple choice questions pulled from a collection of over 50+. Each question was carefully selected by our team of MCP and training professionals who have worked closely with Microsoft technologies for well over 20 years. We aim to provide you with an unrivalled practice test for 70-464.

Who should take the 70-464 exam?

The official 70-464 exam is part of the MCSE Data Platform. It's a high level exam intended for database professionals to demonstrate their technical skills in SQL Server 2012. You should have several years' experience using SQL Server and an excellent understanding of integrity, indexes, views and stored procedures with a focus on performance and optimization.

Out Test

All of our 70-464 test questions were designed to help you pass your exam first time. They're the perfect training aid to complement your study material and preparation.

We've included test questions that cover a range of topics including:
  • Implementing database objects – alter tables, security, locking, indexes, data types
  • Implement programming objects – SSIS, stored procedures, UDF's, views
  • Design database objects – concurrency, integrity, transactions
  • Optimize and troubleshoot queries – performance, indexing strategies, execution plans

Brain dump

We don't believe in brain dumps or torrents so you won't find those here. We believe in retaining the high quality of Microsoft's certification program and ensuring that IT professionals are rewarded appropriately. Never be tempted by brain dumps and keep away from the cheaters.

MCSE Data Platform

"The globally recognized standard for IT professionals - Demonstrate your broad skill sets in building and administrating enterprise-scale data solutions both on-premises and in cloud environments."

Sample Questions

70-464 Sample 1   70-464 Sample 2
70-464 Sample 3   70-464 Sample 4
70-464 Sample 5   70-464 Sample 6

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