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Welcome to the free 70-668 practice test for SharePoint 2010 Administrator- part of the MCITP certification path. Our practice test includes a variety of sample questions that cover the new SharePoint 2010 platform and all topics for the 70-668 exam.

Taking the SharePoint 2010 certification path to the next level, our free practice test consists of 15 random questions pulled from our select range of SharePoint 2010 administrator exam prep. Questions focus on the senior administrator side of SharePoint and really assess your knowledge of SharePoint from top to bottom. We want to make sure you know every angle of SharePoint, whether that be farm performance and availability, or, security concepts and architecture.

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All our SharePoint 2010 practice questions were developed from scratch and closely follow the official Microsoft exam material for 70-668. You can be sure that the questions you find here are unique and provide that little bit of extra exam prep you need.

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The official 70-668: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administrator exam is suited to senior SharePoint professionals who design and deploy SharePoint 2010 infrastructures.

Microsoft states that the typical candidate has two years experience administering, deploying, managing, monitoring, upgrading, migrating, and designing SharePoint servers. You should ideally be looking after physical topologies and the services architecture.

Passing 70-668 also gives you credit towards:

MCITP: SharePoint Administrator 2010

Our Test

Our 70-668 test was created by our senior SharePoint 2010 technical experts. The Accelerated Ideas team has worked passionately to provide training exams that help you pass your Microsoft exam on your first try. Why not bookmark our site and visit us on a regular basis to boost your confidence in passing the actual 70-668 exam. Good luck!

We have included free 70-668 questions that cover a range of topics. You should be comfortable in all of the following areas:

Installing and Configuring a SharePoint Environment (25 percent)
Managing a SharePoint Environment (26 percent)
Deploying and Managing Applications (24 percent)
Maintaining a SharePoint Environment (25 percent)

How the test works

70-668 questions are presented to you in our exclusive multiple choice simulator that mimics the authentic exam content by pulling random questions from a collection of hundreds! Simply read the question to understand the topic or area being tested, then opt for the suitable choice from the radio buttons beneath. The test simulator provides feedback on your right or wrong answers as you progress. There are 15 random questions per practice exam, and you are free to take the 70-668 exam as many times as you want.


"The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications provide the foundation for Microsoft Certification. These certifications are designed to validate your skills on the features and functionality of key technologies. You can show your depth of knowledge in one specific technology, earn multiple MCTS certifications to show breadth across different products, or build on the MCTS to earn a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) credential."

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