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Welcome to our free 70-685 practice test for Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician, part of the MCITP certification path. Our practice exam includes questions that cover all required topics for the 70-685 exam.

Many of you have come to depend on us for getting the latest practice exams and we haven’t let you down once again. As usual, our simulator consists of 15 random questions pulled from our unique Windows 7 support technician collection. We have shaped our questions so they vary in difficulty from slightly taxing to the most challenging. We feel that the questions are the ideal exam prep for your continued success and helping you achieve the required pass rate. Our 70-685 practice questions are unique and you’ll not find them on other torrent or exam sites such as or Enjoy!!

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Windows 7 Logo The official 70-685: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician exam is suited to IT professionals who work in a medium sized organization or enterprise environment that uses the Windows 7 operating system. Its beneficial to also have experience with previous versions of the Windows operating system such as Vista or XP, and experience with Windows Server operating systems such as Server 2003 or 2008.

As with other MCITP exams, candidates are expected to have strong experience deploying Windows 7, managing security and troubleshooting network-related issues with Windows 7. Candidates should have at least three to five years of experience as a tier-2-level or lead desktop support technician.

You should be comfortable maintaining systems, including monitoring for and resolving performance and reliability issues. You should be able to identify security issues and be comfortable supporting mobile users on the Windows 7 platform.

When you pass the 70-685 exam, you also achieve credit towards:

Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7


Before you can take the actual Microsoft 70-685 exam you will need to pass the Windows 7 Configuring 70-680 exam (you can take a free practice test for this exam on our site as well!).

Once again, bringing you the latest free practice exams..

All our 70-685 exam questions have been shaped by the latest Windows 7 experience and know how. The Accelerated Ideas team has worked tirelessly to publish this training exam to support you in attaining the right result. We strive to bring you the most concise practice tests for the latest Microsoft exams so why not bookmark our site and visit us on a regular basis. Good luck!

We have included free 70-685 questions that cover a range of Windows 7 topics. You should be comfortable in all of the following areas:

  • Identifying Cause of and Resolving Desktop Application Issues (20 percent)
  • Identifying Cause of and Resolving Networking Issues (23 percent)
  • Managing and Maintaining Systems That Run Windows 7 Client (21 percent)
  • Supporting Mobile Users (18 percent)
  • Identifying Cause of and Resolving Security Issues (18 percent)

Terminologies you should know:

Installation permissions, local administrator requirement, licensing restrictions and digital signing. Password expiration, trust relationships with machine accounts, determining logon context and logon hours compliance. Checking which DNS is assigned, flushing the DNS cache, nslookup to DNS server and checking the DHCP scopes. Hardware failure, server issues, printer failure, network issues, driver issues. Analyzing system and application logs, analyzing started services, setting power management, checking hard drive space, optimizing virtual memory. Identifying bad sectors, diagnosing memory issues, recommending replacement hardware, updating the BIOS, determining which component is broken. Signal strength, encryption types, encryption keys, wireless profiles and mobile devices. VPN client not connecting, IPv6 support, access and authentication to network resources. Adding trusted sites, advanced settings, installing plug-ins, identifying group policy restrictions, certificates. Analyzing services, analyzing programs, analyzing processes, analyzing browser helper add-ons, user account control. Requirements for installing, recovering encryption keys, key management. Identifying software update level, checking whether client is receiving regularly scheduled updates, identifying incompatibility of update with other applications.

How does the test work?

How the test works All our free 70-685 questions are presented in our easy to use multiple choice simulator that mimics the authentic exam content by pulling random questions from a pool of hundreds! Simply read the question to understand the topic or area being tested, then opt for the appropriate choice from the radio buttons beneath. The exam simulator informs you of right or wrong answers as you step forward. There are 15 random questions per practice exam, and you are free to take the 70-685 exam as many times as you wish. Please bookmark this page, as we expand the exam questions on a frequent basis. Always stay ahead of the curve, use Accelerated Ideas as your number one training source for practice exams.


"The Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) credential is for experienced IT professionals who focus on a broad range of issues on the client operating system, desktop applications, mobile devices, networking, and hardware support. Earning this credential is the ideal way to demonstrate your ability to use Windows to excel in a job role relevant in today's market.

The MCTS certification (abbreviated as TS in exam titles) is a prerequisite for earning the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certification."

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