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Welcome to the free practice test for the 70-687 Windows 8 exam, part of the MCSA certification path. Windows 8 is the biggest shakeup of the world’s most popular operating system in years. The new metro style interface presents IT professionals with new challenges that are well covered by this exam.

Consisting of 15 questions pulled from our exclusive range of Windows 8 material, the test is the perfect companion for your study material. To help you prepare for the exam, questions vary in difficulty from the simplest to the most challenging. They were all written by other Microsoft professionals and closely follow the Microsoft exam material for 70-687 and Microsoft’s new OS system.

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Who should take the 70-687 exam?

The configuring Windows 8 exam is suited to IT professionals who configure or support Windows 8 computers, devices, users and associated network and security resources. Candidates might be a consultant, full time desktop support technician or an IT generalist.

70-687 forms part of the MCSA certification path and is considered one of the foundation exams. It builds the bridge towards the high level MCSE for Windows 8.

Exam topics are high level and intense experience within a certain topic is unnecessary to pass the exam. A broad knowledge of all aspects of Windows 8 is sufficient to achieve this exam. The equal split between the exam topics, roughly 14% for each is further proof of this.

High level topics covered by our practice test

  • Install and Upgrade to Windows 8
  • Configure Hardware and Applications
  • Configure Network Connectivity
  • Configure Access to Resources
  • Configure Remote Access and Mobility
  • Monitor and Maintain Windows Clients
  • Configure Backup and Recovery Options

How does the test work?

Starting a free practice test is easy. Just click the start test link below, then read each question carefully and select the best answer from the multiple choice list. The simulator shows you the correct answers as you progress. Complete the 15 questions and you’ll get your overall time and score. Ideally, you want to complete the test in around 30-45 minutes.

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Brain dumps

We take the Microsoft certification platform very serious. As a result, we do not endorse braindumps or braindump type material. You’ll get better rewards from learning the material yourself and becoming a great technical expert. Remember, you shouldn’t download exam dumps, or real exam questions because you’ll end up being a cheat.

MCSA Certification

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows 8 certification shows that you have the primary set of Windows 8 skills that are relevant across multiple solution areas in a business environment. The MCSA: Windows 8 certification is a prerequisite for earning the MCSE certification.

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