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Welcome to the free practice test for 70-688, part of the MCSA for Windows 8.

70-688 is the second core exam (along with 70-687) required to achieve the Microsoft Solutions Associated Certification for Windows 8. You should be comfortable answering questions about managing a Windows 8 network including installing, upgrading and migrating to Windows 8. A solid understanding of managing Windows clients and access to network resources is essential.

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Our free practice test is a unique exam simulator that presents questions from our own in-house testing platform. All questions were written by Microsoft professionals with early access to Windows 8 and associated tools. They're industry experts who provide consultancy services to many leading organisations - they know exactly how Windows 8 ticks.

To start a practice just click the start test link and the test will automatically start. Read each of the questions carefully and select the best answer from the possible choices. The simulator will inform you of right or wrong answers as you progress. A final score is presented when you complete the exam.

Remember to share this exam with friends and please feel free to take the test as often as you like. We want to help you pass the exam first time!

We're sure you'll find our free practice exam is the perfect training companion. It's great for testing your Windows 8 knowledge and helps you study for the exam anywhere, anytime.

Who should take the 70-688 exam?

Anyone wanting to achieve the MCSA for Windows 8 must pass the 70-688 (in addition to 70-687). Microsoft recommend that you should be a competent IT professional who works with small businesses and individuals to manage their computers and devices, typically in a peer-to-peer or remote environment.

High Level topics covered

  • Design an Installation and Application strategy
  • Maintain Resource Access
  • Maintain Windows Clients and Devices
  • Manage Windows 8 Using Cloud Services and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

Brain dumps

We take the Microsoft certification platform very seriously. As a result, we do not approve braindumps or braindump type material. You'll get better rewards from learning the material yourself and becoming a great technical expert. Remember, you shouldn't download exam dumps, or real exam questions because you'll end up being a cheat.

MCSA Certification

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows 8 certification shows that you have the primary set of Windows 8 skills that are relevant across multiple solution areas in a business environment. The MCSA: Windows 8 certification is a prerequisite for earning the MCSE certification.

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