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Australian Citizenship practice test for persons wanting to apply for naturalization in Australia. This exam came into effect in October 2007. The test is required to prove your grasp of the English language and understanding of all things Australian. This includes the history of Australia, national symbols, government, lifestyles, geography and many others.

The actual test is completed on a computer and consists of 20 multiple choice questions drawn randomly. Out simulator prepares you for the test by selecting questions from our own practice questions pool and presenting them in a friendly multiple choice format. The test is completely free, so please take it as many times as you wish!

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Further Informaiton

To take the Australian Citizenship test you must:

  • Be a permanent Australian resident
  • Provide original identity documents
  • Allow the department to take a photograph of you
  • Be over the age of 18 and under the age of 60

If you do not have a good understanding of English, you can apply for assistance during the test but you must have completed at least 400 hours of English tuition. This must be under the Adult Migrant English Programme AMEP

Citizenship Forms

If you are planning to migrate to Australia, you should check whether they are eligible to take the Citizenship test. Migrants can apply for citizenship through either Conferral - General eligibility or Conferral - Other situations. Check which form you need to complete before applying; Various forms exist including: Form 1299i (Citizenship by conferral), Form 1300t (Citizenship by conferral – General eligibility). Alternatively, you can apply online using Form 1295 for citizenship by conferral.

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