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ITIL topics on 'basics'

ITIL - Alignment
Each of the ITIL stages has its own processes and users who manage and control those processes. In ITIL we refer to these as Roles. Below we have included some of the more common roles found in Service Management.

ITIL - Continual Service Approach
The Continual Service Improvement (CSI) volume of ITIL look directly at service quality from the business perspective. CSI defines the areas, items and processes which should be controlled and measured

ITIL - Efficiency Gains
One of the great things about choosing to implement ITIL within an organisation is that it can result in great improvements in efficiency. Efficiency is a bit of a broad term that falls within several ITIL areas. The potential gains are..

ITIL - Measures
In ITIL we measure many different aspects of our service to ascertain how it’s functioning and if it’s delivering business value. Utility is a great example of a service measurement. We use utility in ITIL to measure the relative satisfaction..

ITIL - Partnering with the business
By partnering, the Business and IT become one. The business and the customer are continually involved in the lifecycle of the service rather than just the front end. In the past it used to be the case but by using ITIL we open ourselves up more..

ITIL - Performance metrics
Performance metrics provide the basis for measuring performance against customer requirements and value, in addition to financial reporting.

ITIL - Resources and Capabilities
When we talk about resources and capabilities and think about the organisation and the processes, we really think about the actual people and knowledge. We also look at what people do to deliver these services and what they need to deliver..

ITIL - Service Experience
We need to use the service experience to evolve for the better. The service manager would be somebody responsible for one or more services. They would be the human connections to the business and takes care of the internal complexes of IT that..

ITIL - Service Lifecycle
The Service Lifecycle comprises of 5 core stages; Service Strategy - Service Design - Service Transition - Service Operation - Continual Service Improvement

ITIL - Value
The most successful service providers all have something in common, which is not by co-incidence. They all understand how they provide value to their customers. Using strategy is the key stone.

ITIL - Warranty
The service needs to be fit for use, it needs to provide a consistent level of service, in terms of service hours, in terms of capacity and also availability. We need to set aside some design time to develop internal processes, such as change..

ITIL - What is a Service
ITIL defines a service as “a means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs and risks

ITIL - What is ITIL
ITIL stands for The Information Technology Infrastructure Library. The framework outlines important IT practices via comprehensive checklists, tasks and procedures that everyday IT companies can shape to suit their requirements..



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