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ITIL - Measures
In ITIL we measure many different aspects of our service to ascertain how it’s functioning and if it’s delivering business value. Utility is a great example of a service measurement. We use utility in ITIL to measure the relative satisfaction..

ITIL - Partnering with the business
By partnering, the Business and IT become one. The business and the customer are continually involved in the lifecycle of the service rather than just the front end. In the past it used to be the case but by using ITIL we open ourselves up more..

ITIL - Service Experience
We need to use the service experience to evolve for the better. The service manager would be somebody responsible for one or more services. They would be the human connections to the business and takes care of the internal complexes of IT that..

ITIL - Service Lifecycle
The Service Lifecycle comprises of 5 core stages; Service Strategy - Service Design - Service Transition - Service Operation - Continual Service Improvement

ITIL Exam - Braindumps and Torrents
We are fully committed to supporting the integrity of the ITIL certification process and its credibility. As a result we strongly disapprove of the use of ITIL braindumps or torrents in exam preparation. We believe in informing people about these..

ITIL Exam - How Many Questions on the ITIL v3 Foundation Exam
The ITIL v3 foundation exam is the entry level exam for the ITIL certification series. The exam is 60 minutes in length and consists of 40 multiple choice questions. There are no prerequisites for the ITIL v3 Foundation exam and it can be taken..

ITIL Exam - How Much Does the ITIL Foundation Cost?
The cost of the ITIL foundation exam varies depending on the examination institute and the country in which you take the exam. Obviously in the US you will be charged the equivalent US dollar value for the exam, where as in the UK, the exam is..

ITIL Exam - ITIL Test Centres in Brazil
CSME has a single ITIL test centre in the Brazil - Zillion Technologia e Treinamentos. This test centre is located close to Uberlândia which lies just south of central Brazil. Details for this test centre are..

ITIL Exam - ITIL Test Centres in Canada
CSME has a large number of ITIL testing centres in Canada. A list of some of these test centres..

ITIL Exam - ITIL Test Centres in Italy
CSME has two ITIL test centre in Italy. These test centres are located in Rome and Napoli both of which are centrally accessible. Details for these test centres are shown below..

ITIL Exam - ITIL Test Centres in London
EXIN (Examination Institute for Information Sciences) works in partnership with Pearsons to offer you ITIL test centres. Pearsons has hundreds of test centres throughout the UK, some of the best of these lie in the capital London.

ITIL Exam - ITIL Test Centres in Netherlands (Nederland)
CSME has a single ITIL test centre in the Netherlands (Nederlands). This test centre is located close to Arnhem which lies on the eastern side of the Netherlands. Details for this test centre..

ITIL Exam - ITIL Test Centres in US
CSME has a large number of ITIL testing centres in the United States. The majority of these lie on the eastern side of the US, but an ITIL test centre can be found within 100 miles of any part of the US. A list of some of these test centres..

ITIL Exam - List of Accredited ITIL Training Organizations in US
The following list shows some of the Accredited ITIL Training Organizations. For the full and up to date list for the United States and Americas visit the CSME website at www.csme.us. Each training organization offers different training types..

ITIL Exam - Where can you take an ITIL Exam
ITIL exams can be taken worldwide although there are currently only 8 fully accredited ITIL examination institutes. Registering for an exam can be done either through an accredited ITIL training provider as part of a ITIL course or you can register..

ITIL Exam - Which Languages is the ITIL Exam Available
The ITIL v3 foundation exam is currently available in the following languages; Brazil Portuguese, English, Spanish European, French, German, Japanese, Italian and Korean. These languages are available through the Pearsons and Prometric test centres.

ITIL Exam - Which Type of ITIL Training
ITIL training is readily available either online or through ITIL training providers. However, before you divulge into spending vast amounts of cash on training have you considered the alternatives?

Service Design - Delivery Models
The workplace is a wash with different delivery sourcing strategies today. These have really exploded during the last 5 years or so. These are well covered in ITIL v3. Techniques such as out sourcing, in sourcing, shared services models, cloud..

Service Design - Design Challenges
Organisations sometimes place an overemphasis on technology. Instead it’s better to focus on how to get the business and IT thinking together. By separating away from the technology focus, it prevents the business from focusing too closely..

Service Design - Service Level Agreement (SLA)
During service level management, we negotiate Service Level Agreements with the customers (consumers) and design services in conformity with the agreed service level targets.

Service Strategy - Addressing the Barriers
The challenge for IT managers is to co-ordinate and work in partnership with the business to deliver IT services of a high quality. We need to understand the wider context of the current and potential market places that we operate or may wish to..

Service Strategy - Continual Service Improvement
When we think of Continual Improvement, we actually mean the process of stabilising and brining out consistency in the growth and improvement of services and processes. The continual approach, repeatedly analyses and improves the service..

Service Strategy - Service Portfolio
When we talk about IT portfolio management, we imply the task of rational management of large groups of items via enterprise Information Technology (IT) capabilities. Some examples of IT portfolios could include; planned initiatives, projects..

Service Strategy - Service Provider
Service providers are entities that provide services to other entities. Usually we think of service providers as a business that provides subscriptions or service to other businesses or individuals. A good example of a service is a Mobile phone..

Service Strategy - Silos and Reducing Barriers
Many organisations still see IT Service Management as just a ‘techi’ issue. ITIL helps promote a joined up approach to Service Management that crumbles the silo approach and helps breaks down the barriers..



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