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ITIL - Continual Service Approach

The continual service approach is what most organizations are striving to do, focusing on operations but also looking if they should hire a full time availability or release manager.

How IT improve their availability and manage requirements is a continual challenge. These particular activates are continual, and they're going on all the time. Teams will be working to build an availability and capacity plan together, and you can have separate groups working on security as well. Changes to the business requirements and outsourcing options also play their part in the overall continual approach.

Continual Improvement
Things are evolving and the goal posts are moving all the time. Using ITIL we aim to align and realign IT services to changing business needs. We achieve this by identifying and implementing improvements to the IT services to support the overall business process.

The Continual Service Improvement (CSI) volume of ITIL look directly at service quality from the business perspective. CSI defines the areas, items and processes which should be controlled and measured.

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